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The Practice Perspective column is an effort lead by David Thein, DDS, MSD, MBA, MDA member, periodontist and associate clinical professor at UMKC School of Dentistry. He is the course director for the practice management curriculum and advises students/residents and recent grads in professional career development. The column provides a Q&A-style interview with industry experts on a variety of topics of interest/pertinent to the dentist and dental team. 

Why the Time is Right for Dental Membership Plans
The COVID Pandemic: Best Practices for Recovery
Dental CE: Making It a Wise Investment
Consider Brand Building to Improve Your Bottom Line
Making Dental Technology Work For You
Employee vs Independent Contractor

Time to Consider a New Business Structure
Minimizing the Risk of Being Sued

The Ideal Dental Team: Assembling, Compensating, Motivating and Evaluating
Dental Service Organizations: What You Might Not Know
Participation In Managed Care Dental Insurance Plans
Renewing Your Lease: 5 Important Things to Know

Dental Team Archive

Each issue of the MDA Focus includes a Dental Team article by Jodi Schafer, certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, and owner of Human Resource Management Services.

Understanding the Independent Contractor Relationship: Who Qualifies?
One Snarky Comment Too Many
Dealing with a PTO Spender (Abuser)
Navigating COVID-19 With Your Humanity, Sanity, Team Still Intact
Accounting for Travel Time: To Pay or Not?
Preparing for Maternity Leave: Drafting a Sound Policy

Walking the Line: Employee Manager and Health Care Provider
Letters of Recommendation for Departing Staff: Worthwhile Pursuits or Invitation for a Lawsuit
Confrontation Is Hard: But Saying Hard Things Doesn't Have to Be Paralyzing 
Life of the Party (Dealing With Team Alcohol Overconsumption Outside the Office)
When the Walls Have Ears: Addressing Derogatory Comments Overheard Among Staff
To Google or Not to Google—That is the Question

Preventing Harassment In the Workplace
Successful Hiring: Part 1
Successful Hiring: Part 2
Good Leadership Can’t Be Outsourced
Personal Cell Phones in the Office: Sign of the Times or Unwanted Distractions?
Onboarding vs. Orientation: How to Make the Most of Your New Hire’s Experience

It’s Not You, It’s Me: The Power of Exit Interviews
Coaching vs. Managing: What’s the Difference?
Do I Really Need a Handbook?
Keys to Successful Incentive Plans
Does Success Have an Age Limit? (firing an aging office manager)
It’s All About the Benjamins (employee compensation plan)

Ready For Changing Overtime Rules
A Culture of Respect (avoiding burnout due to increase in office busyness)
This Will Only Hurt for a Minute (requiring employees get a flu shot)
Revised Overtime Provisions
Vaping in the Workplace (e-cigarettes and your smoking/tobacco policy)
Religious Accommodation Requests to Dress Code Policies

Harassment liability for behavior occurring outside the workplace
The Risks of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the Workplace
But I Was Here First! (navigating vacation requests based on seniority)
Accommodating a Maternity Leave Request
Setting the Stage for a Successful Employment Relationship
Reference Checks: What to say when you have nothing nice to say

Exposure to nitrous oxide during pregnancy is no laughing matter
Taking the sting out of performance appraisals
Survey says (survey of staff's work habits)
Tips for handling a reduction in pay due to a change in job duties
The ABCs of PTO
Addressing behavior problems: Early involvement is key!

Jodi Schafer has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resource management. She is a regular contributor to various industry publications and began contributing to the Focus in 2014. She also is the  author of a ready-to-use HR system for small employers. Jodi conducts speaking engagements and training seminars on all HR aspects including employee relations, leadership skills, performance development, on-boarding, recruitment and retention. Read more HR articles on the HRM Blog.

Additional Dental Team Articles

The following articles also are related to the Dental Team but are not provided by Jodi Schafer. 

Who's Answering the Phone (why telephone policies are important)
Staff Education A Wise Investment: Success Requires a Team Effort