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Dues Payments Details

Following is a payment overview and summary of payment types/plans. For full terms/conditions click here.

  • Dues should be paid in full or through an installment or auto renew plan, both of which should be established by January 1, 20​2​1.
  • If dues have not been paid in full or a payment plan has not been established as of March 31, 20​2​1, members will discontinue receiving tripartite membership benefits. 
  • Dues and any voluntary contributions may be paid in one, total sum via a check, credit card or ACH/IC​A payment, or members may choose to spread payments out through an installment or auto renew plan. There are no additional fees for any payment methods.
  • If Installment or Auto Renew plan payments are cancelled before dues are paid in full for the current year, membership will be cancelled and all benefits will cease. 
  • For questions email Stacey ​Hemmel or call 573-634-3436, Extension 109.

Payment Types

  • Check Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • ACH/ICA Payments

Payment Plans

  • Auto Renew Plan
  • Installment Plan
  • Dues Tax Deductions