CE Accreditation

Under authority of rule 20CSR. 2110-2.240(2)B, the Missouri Dental Association may grant approval to non-approved continuing education providers for specific programs.

Scientific Programs

Because current state rules require continuing education for re-licensure be directly related to the practice of dentistry or dental hygiene, only speakers presenting programs directly related to the practice of dentistry or dental hygiene will be approved for MDA accreditation.

Educational Programs and Presenters

Only individual presentations by a specified lecturer(s) will be considered for MDA accreditation. No blanket accreditation will be given for a topic presented on multiple dates or a lecturer to speak on multiple dates.

Application Process

The CE Accreditation Application must be completed and submitted to the MDA along with the presenter's current curriculum vitae and a detailed outline of the presentation and program agenda. Handouts for the program should also be sent, if available. The MDA Committee on Education will consider the applications and grant approval with a majority vote of the committee members. MDA's name and/or logo cannot be used on promotional materials unless approved by the MDA. All requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the presentation.

Application Fee

Accreditation applicants must include in total, the non‑refundable $100 fee plus $25/per proposed CE hour, with application. One application per presentation or virtual program must be completed. However, if the same presentation will be given on multiple dates, an application fee must be included for EACH date. On demand webinars incur the same fee and if accreditation is approved, it is valid for 6 months after the launch date.

Question: I would like to become an approved CE sponsor through the Missouri Dental Board. What is that process and how does it work?

According to 20 CSR 2110-2.240 Continuing Dental Education, Section (2)(B):

(B) The continuing dental education hours obtained shall be from a board-approved sponsor. Any entity not listed under subsection (1)(C) may become a board-approved sponsor for a specified program(s) by obtaining approval through a sponsor recognized by this rule. Programs which applied for approval and were not granted approval by a board-approved sponsor may appear in person before the board with a request for approval at a regularly scheduled meeting. The board shall review the request and issue a decision in writing within a reasonable time frame.

In summary, if someone/some entity has a specific course that wish to have count for CE, the rule requires them to first seek approval for their course from an approved sponsor on the list in the rule [(see 20 CSR 2110-2.240 Continuing Dental Education, Section (1)(C)]. If they are rejected, they can then appear before the Board and request approval from the Board for that specific program/course only. The only way to become an approved sponsor, where any course they host automatically is approved for CE credit is to have their name added to the list in the rule. This would require promulgating a rule change to be added to the list (a much more complicated, intensive process than simply getting a CE course approved).

The MDA is a board-approved sponsor through the Missouri Dental Board and as such, can consider the accreditation of a continuing education program. In order to do so, the person/entity would need to submit an application, required materials and fee as detailed above (in Application Process section).