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Grace and Halie recap the 2024 Legislative session and MDA wins within it.

MDA Advocacy

Legislative Team & LRC

Your MDA legislative team is comprised staff members, lobbyists and the Legislative and Regulatory Committee. 

MDA Lobby Team

Halie Payne is the MDA Director of Professional Affairs available to answer any questions about MDA priorities and help you understand the MDA’s viewpoint.

Nikki Strong, a full-time registered lobbyist for Gamble & Schlemeier, joins MDA as one of our lead lobbyists (at the Capitol). She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector as the past Executive Director and lead lobbyist for the Missouri Healthcare Association. 

Grace Riley is also a registered lobbyist, assisting Nikki and Jorgen with lobbying work. She is also part of our legislative public relations team helping to connect with legislators with about MDA’s agenda. She has been instrumental in our work for the OPA EFDA program whereby dentists are meeting with JCAR members (legislators) about this new healthcare worker and the pilot project.

We welcome these newer team members who join Vicki Wilbers, MDA Executive Director and Jorgen Schlemeier, longtime lead lobbyist for the MDA in advocacy efforts on behalf of Missouri dentists.

MDA Legislative & Regulatory Committee

Dr. Ron Wilkerson, Chair 
Dr. Whitney Bair (GSDS)
Dr. Jared Gerhardt (GKCDS)
Dr. Erick Jansson (CDS)
Dr. Erinne Kennedy (SWDS)
Dr. Adrienne Lynn (NEDS)
Dr. David Mattingly (NWDS)
Dr. Dennis Nguyen (SEDS)
Dr. Danielle Riordan (GSLDS)
Dr. Jeremy Bowen (MDA President, Ex-Officio)
Vicki Wilbers (MDA Executive Director, Ex-Officio)
Halie Payne (MDA Professional Affairs Director, Staff Liaison)

Legislative History

Visit the Legislative History to see MDA legislative work across the years (dating back to 2007). Under each year you will see the legislative or regulatory topic, related bill language and links, and in plain speak, a summary of the effect on the profession of dentistry, as well as any additional resources.


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