Classified Ads Online

MDA Classified Ads are online only. The online form must be used to place and pay for an ad. Click to place an ad or click to view ads (or use buttons above). Listing sections are Dentists, Auxiliaries, Equipment for Sale and Practices for Sale.

Posting Online & Recurring Charge

Once you submit an ad, the same copy you submitted through the form is sent to MDA. This ad copy will be placed online within one business day. The ad will be placed in the category and geographic location you indicated on your form. 

When you place the ad the first time, at the checkout page, you may print a receipt for your records. Also, you will receive two email confirmations: A credit card receipt from (Missouri Dental Association Transaction Receipt) and a confirmation from (Classified Ad Confirmation). 

When your credit card is charged again on the recurring date, you will receive an email receipt from


Terms, Cancellations, Changes

Ads will renew monthly, UNLESS cancelled, with a recurring charge to your credit card provided. If you wish to cancel your ad, it is your responsibility to contact the MDA. We no longer will be providing reminder emails and calls to confirm the renewal or discontinuation of your ad copy and payment. 

  • For example: If you place an ad on January 9, it will charge your card that day for the amount indicated. Your ad will be placed online, and you will receive a recurring charge on the ninth of each month for the same ad and same amount, unless you contact the MDA to cancel your ad.
  • If you wish to change the wording of your currently running ad copy, you should contact the MDA to discuss cancelling your current ad if there are major copy changes (and using the online form to submit new ad copy) or making an update if only minor copy changes.
  • If you wish to place more than one ad in different categories, you will need to submit ads individually and pay for each ad submitted.
  • The individual placing the ad may choose and receive the Member rate if you can provide a valid ADA number for a dentist practicing at your practice. 

Contact the MDA

To discuss changes to an existing ad or to cancel a recurring ad, you must email For general questions, you may use the same email or call 573-634-3436, Extension 109.