Oral Health Education Resources

The following list provides quick access to resources for public knowledge about oral health and/or to be used by schools/community groups to educate about oral health. Resources are from the MDA, ADA, other state dental associations, the Missouri State Office of Dental Health and other contributors. 

Stop the Pop (Soft Drinks & Candy)

Soft drinks, juices and sports drinks provide huge amounts of sugars to many diets, and drinking too much can cause tooth decay and harm your health. The Stop the Pop brochure discusses how these beverages can cause tooth decay and what you can do to prevent it and improve your health. 

The MDA no longer is printing Stop the Pop, but you can download the brochure below.

Stop the Pop Materials
Display Toolkit
PowerPoint Presentation (Elementary)
PowerPoint Presentation (Upper Elementary/Middle School) 
Both presentations include speaker notes in the presentation

Additional Related Resources
Sip All Day &  Power of Sour Candies (Minnesota Dental Association)
Drinks Destroy Teeth (Indiana Dental Association)

Start Right & Early Childhood

Parents and caregivers make the difference in children getting a good start with oral health. The Start Right materials and education program was developed to address the importance of baby teeth and caring for these, and to give information on teething and tooth eruption, and practical tips to prevent early childhood cavities.

The MDA no longer is printing Start Right, but you can download the brochure below.

Start Right Materials
Spanish Brochure

Additional Related Resources
Show Me Your Smile Oral Health Guide
Healthy Smiles from the Start (Alliance of the ADA)
National Maternal & Child Oral Health Resource Center

Oral Health Literacy & Curriculum

Missouri Office of Dental Health

American Dental Association

Community Water Fluoridation

The issue of the discontinuation of community water fluoridation (CWF) continues to be of concern to the MDA. Following are resources to become informed and advocate about the topic. If you have questions or concerns regarding water fluoridation in your community, contact the Missouri Office of Dental Health.

Additional Related Resources
Fluoridation Toolkit (DentaQuest Foundation) 
Water Fluoridation (Missouri Office of Dental Health)
CWF Resources (Missouri Coalition for Oral Health)
ADA Fluoride Resources