Joining & Dues FAQ

Dues Structure & Rates

The ADA (national), MDA (state) and your component dental society (local) maintain a Tripartite membership system—this means dues must be paid at all three levels to be a member, and dentists receive benefits at all three levels.

  • Each member is assessed dues at each level, but there are categories to allow reductions, such as for dentists new to or retiring from the practice of dentistry, dentists experiencing temporary financial difficulties and graduate dental students. Membership is free to dental students.
  • Renewal statements are sent to members at the end of November, and are due January 1. Click below for information on current dues rates. 

ADA Dues

The 2024 ADA dues are $570 for active members.

MDA Dues

The 2024 MDA dues are $479 for active members.

Component Dues

2024 Active Member Rates:

  • Central Dental Society: $50
  • Greater Kansas City Dental Society: $185
  • Greater St. Louis Dental Society: $402
  • Greater Springfield Dental Society: $210
  • Northeast Dental Society: $65
  • Northwest Dental Society: $95
  • Southeast Dental Society: $65
  • Southwest Dental Society: $100

Special Membership Classes

Retired Membership & Resources

Retired Membership: Available to a member in good standing who has been an active member and is now a retired member, and is no longer earning an income from the performance of service as a member of the faculty of a dental school, as a dental administrator or consultant, or as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice dentistry is required by the state.

Retired Life Membership: Available to a member who meets the above requirements for retired membership and who meets the requirements for life membership. Life membership is available to a member who has been a member of the tripartite for 30 consecutive years or 40 total years, and is a member in good standing. Life membership is effective the calendar year following the year in which these requirements are fulfilled.

For both retired classes, you must complete a retired waiver.

Retired Magazine Subscription: The MDA Focus is the official member publication. You may purchase a subscription for $25. Members also may access issues free online.

Contact Stacey Hemmel to learn more about Retired and Retired Life Membership or to purchase a subscription. 

Retiring Dentist Resources

The transition to retirement affects your patients and your practice. There are several useful tools and resources available to you through your membership to help.

Closing A Practice: Visit the Practice Topics & FAQ to find resources for the various steps involved when closing a practice. If you decide to sell your practice, you can place a classified ad.

Volunteer Licensure: This is available for retired dentists and hygienists who still wish to provide free care. These licenses are provided at no cost to qualifying dentists and hygienists and can be renewed bi-annually. Both volunteer licensed dentists and hygienists must provide all of their services free of charge; dentists are required to complete 40 hours of CE per renewal, hygienists are required to complete 25 hours of CE per renewal. Contact the Missouri Dental Board for details.

Dental Team Membership & Resources

MDA Associate Membership acknowledges delivering exceptional dentistry is truly a team effort, in which each individual member brings value not only to the practice but to professional associations. To promote the importance and strength of the entire dental team, the MDA established the Associate Membership category.

Associate Member Application

Associate Members can access some of the same membership benefits enjoyed by more than 2,000 Missouri dentists, for just $10 each year. 

Even if you’re already a member of a professional organization for your career, joining the MDA provides additional representation and support of the state’s largest dental association at an incredible value. Read on to learn more about the benefits of MDA Associate Membership.

Note: If the employer dentist is paying for multiple dental team memberships, they need to complete payment information on only one application. For questions email Stacey Hemmel or call 573-634-3436.

Benefits Include:

Other Membership Related Questions

Why should I join the MDA?

The Missouri Dental Association is the voice of the profession.

Dentists face many challenges from negotiating with insurance companies to complying with government regulators to keeping up with professional development and running a successful business.

Membership in the MDA helps you navigate those challenges and gives you an opportunity to shape the practice of dentistry in Missouri. Membership benefits you in small ways, like calling the MDA office to ask staff a question about an issue you’re facing today—with your team, your patients or your business, and in large ways too, like knowing the Association works to protect the dental profession you care about. We want to invite you to join with your colleagues to help preserve the integrity of the dental profession and welcome you when you do.

The MDA is a state constituent of the American Dental Association. Thus, when you choose to join the ADA, you’re choosing to support best-in-class clinical excellence. You’re choosing access to exclusive resources to help you build your practice and simplify your finances. Most importantly, you’re choosing to join a collaborative community of dentists working to support each other, elevate the profession and improve the health of the public.​

How do I apply for membership?

Complete the Online Membership Application on the Join/Renew page.

How much are dues?

Dues are established annually following the ADA and MDA House of Delegates meetings. The MDA offers reduced rates for graduate students, faculty, doctors new to or retiring from the practice of dentistry or and those experiencing temporary financial difficulties. An installment payment plan is available. See this information on the Joining & Dues FAQ.

What are my payment options for dues?

Visit the Join/Renew page for payment overview, summary of payment types/plans and to read the related terms. 

Is it worth the cost to join?

While membership in the MDA is ultimately about supporting and improving the profession of dentistry and the oral health of Missouri, our members find that the benefits far outweigh the cost of their dues, and some benefits would be impossible to obtain by any other means.

It would cost a great deal for individual dentists if the ADA was not there to protect the interests of dentistry at the national level or if the MDA was not there to lobby for or against legislation affecting the profession. If a dentist had to hire experts to answer every regulatory or human resources question or problem that arose, pay the full rate for CE courses, or research every compliance issue, the price would be significantly higher than the cost of membership.

Furthermore, participation in endorsed programs and services (especially Missouri Dental Insurance Services offerings and ADA Great West Life Insurance) can provide members with significant savings. Many members are able to recoup a good deal of their dues dollars through the savings they receive by simply participating in these programs.

Are my dues tax deductible?

FOR FEDERAL INCOME TAXES: Dues payments and contributions ARE NOT deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes to the extent that payments are not made to 501 (c)(3) organizations. Under U.S. tax law, only that portion of an association member's dues not attributable to lobbying activities is deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. For 2024, 7 .2% of ADA dues and 3% of MDA dues is allocable to lobbying activities and, therefore, non-deductible as a business expense. Donations to the MDA Foundation and MDA Dental Well Being Foundation, both 501 (c)(3) organizations, ARE tax deductible as charitable contributions. 

What is the membership year?

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

What does "tripartite" mean?

The word “tripartite” means “composed of three parts.”

The three parts of ADA membership—through your component (local) dental society, constituent (state and district or territory) dental society, and American Dental Association—complement each other. Each level offers valuable benefits and resources to members.

Almost all U.S. dentists are tripartite members and they join and maintain their memberships through their constituent dental society.

Must I be a member at the local/state/national level and pay dues separately for each?

Yes. When you become a member of the “tripartite” dental associations, you simultaneously become a member in your local society, the MDA and ADA. The MDA invoice includes dues for the MDA, as well as your local society and the ADA. The MDA forwards dues payment to the ADA and your society. Therefore, you only pay a one-time combined amount.

I'm relocating; does my membership move with me?

You will need to transfer your membership to your new location. Please let both your original local and state societies know of your move, and then contact the local and state dental society at your new location. Your national ADA membership will continue, but please update your address, telephone, and email contact information in order to keep your publications and other member communications coming your way.

Either log in to your MyADA account and manually update your information through our streamlined interface, or contact the MDA at 800-688-1907 or to update your contact information.

I am a recent graduate; do I pay the full dues amount?

New dentists will receive discounts for two years after dental school. First year after school is free and the following year, the dues are discounted by 50%. If you have any questions about this change, please contact Stacey at the MDA. 

Will my dues decrease when I retire?

There are two types of retirement categories: Retired and Retired Life. See the above "Special Membership Classes" for more information.

Are membership dues reduced for full-time dental faculty?

A faculty wavier is available for dental faculty who are employed full time (32 hours per week). The waiver will allow the faculty member to pay 50% less than the active full dues at the state and local level. A faculty waiver must be completed.

Is there assistance to pay dues in case of illness or other financial hardship?

There is a membership waiver available to a member in good standing whose circumstances have resulted in a significant financial hardship, including temporary or permanent disability, catastrophe, parental leave or medical illness (full/partial waiver). A waiver of membership dues must be completed, approval process starts at the local level then proceeds to state then onto the national level.

How do I print my ADA card?

Access to your ADA Membership card is available online only at and in the ADA App. You will receive a membership window decal in the mail.