Missouri Dental Association Foundation

MDA Foundation

The MDA Foundation (MDAF) is the charitable not-for-profit partner of the Missouri Dental Association working to create better oral health for Missourians through educational programs, access-to-care initiatives and community collaborations. Created in 1977, its vision is “Improving Missouri Smiles”. All donations to it are tax-deductible.

Contact Information

Paul Roberts, Foundation Director
3340 American Ave, Jefferson City MO 65109
573-634-3436 or Email Paul

Give to the Foundation

All gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible. Thank you on behalf of the many Missourians who benefit from MDA Foundation programs.​

You may give to the MDAF with a Memorial Contribution (to remember colleagues, friends or loved ones) or an In Honor Gift (to recognize a birthday, anniversary or special accomplishment). The MDAF will send an acknowledgement for the gift. Contact Paul Roberts for more information on this type of donation.

Dental Education Materials & Supplies

The MDAF has a limited annual supply of free brush, paste and floss to help those doing oral health outreach to schools and communities. Click here for guidelines and an order form.


In 2012, the Foundation began an endowment fund as a source of income to enhance the impact of the projects supported by the Foundation. The fund also serves as a resource to MDA members who wish to make specially designated gifts to the Foundation. Click here to read a brief description of the fund. Like all endowments, the principle is to remain intact in perpetuity. If you or your attorney or accountant wish to review the policies governing the setup of the MDAF Endowment or the spending policies for the endowment, please contact Cindy DuCoulombier.

Foundation Board


Dr. Darren Mahaffey, Chair
Dr. Kirk Opdahl, Vice Chair
Dr. Jeremy Bowen, Secretary/Treasurer


Dr. Lynne Barbour
Dr. Emily Hahn
Dr. Danielle Riordan
Dr. Caitlin Rosemann
Dr. Chloe Stuck
Dr. Emily Taylor-Moorkamp
Dr. Tim Taylor


Vicki Wilbers, MDA Executive Director (non-voting)
Dr. Tom Stone, MDA Immediate Past President (voting)

MDAF Director

Paul Roberts