Dental Well Being Foundation

Dental Well Being Foundation

Voluntary Wellness Program

MDWBFAs of July 1, 2017 the DWBF no longer holds the contract for the state-mandated wellbeing program overseen by the Missouri Dental Board. Despite this loss in revenue, the DWBF Executive Team decided we could not turn our back on providing recovery services to our colleagues in need. This program has always been rooted in the concept of dentists helping dentists. We have a history of success and a trusted, experienced administrator in Rebecca Mowen. We had to go on. Thus we have launched the Voluntary Wellness Program. It is basically the same program without the obligations of the state contract. It is a safe place for any professional provider who needs help. 

vwpTAKE BACK YOUR LIFE: While overall wellness is best, sometimes addiction grips your life causing serious, adverse effects on the professional, the practice, co-workers, family and patients. Call us today for professional assistance. All calls are strictly confidential. We're here to help. 314-435-1101.

Who can call the VWP?

  • Practice Partners
  • Office Staff
  • Colleagues
  • Loved Ones or Friends

Dentists and dental hygienists who voluntarily participate in this program have the opportunity to arrest the progression of their disease and resultant impairment before public exposure occurs and before disciplinary actions on licensure and clinical privileges are taken.

Early Identification/Intervention/Treatment​/Rehabilitation

  • The causes of professional impairment are varied, and the dental profession is not immune.
  • The Voluntary Wellness Program (VWP) exists to meet the treatment needs of the healthcare professional.
  • What Is an Intervention?
  • Signs of Alcoholism or Chemical Dependency
  • Available Treatment
  • Treatment & Aftercare Monitoring

Dental Well Being Foundation

To help augment funding so the MDA could better serve its members, the Dental Well Being Foundation was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)3 charitable foundation of the MDA.

The hope is that through increased awareness and education provided by the Foundation, impaired and troubled providers can be identified, seek help earlier and, perhaps, voluntarily enroll in the VWP before any disciplinary action is taken.

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Dental Well Being Foundation Board Members

Dr. JC Standlee, Chair
Dr. Stephen Matthews, Vice-Chair
Dr. Philip Batson, Secretary/Treasurer

Ex-Officio (non-voting)
Paul Roberts, Foundation Director
Vicki Wilbers, MDA Executive Director
Rebecca Mowen, Program Administrator

Dr. Christy Hager 
Dr. Robert Tait 
Dr. Mack Taylor
Susan Bear, RDH