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MDA Specialist Directory 2023

Member login required to access directory. Click here to join the MDA or to renew your membership. The Specialist Referral Directory gets updated annually in June.

Dentists and patients value a good referral. These specialists are here to help. The MDA is pleased to present this Specialist Referral Directory as a resource to help all members succeed. With hundreds of specialists across the state, this directory seeks to help members build referral networks with others who share a commitment to organized dentistry. The MDA is proud to offer this resource so both member dentists, and the patients they serve, can experience trusted and skilled referrals.

Specialty Definitions
The specialty definitions used are those as approved and adopted by the National Commission on Recognition of Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards.

Listings Structure
Listings are grouped by specialty category. Listings are sorted alphabetically by city  (of practice location), then last name. Dentist names may appear more than once if satellite practice locations exist.

Accuracy of Listings
The intent of this referral directory is to feature active MDA members, in good standing, who hold a recognized dental specialty. To produce this referral directory, the MDA used the information in our membership database current as of May 31, 2023. The MDA made every effort to contact members to validate correct listing information. We apologize for any unintended omissions or errors. Updates to the listings will not occur until the next publication of the directory.

Contact the MDA
For questions or to make updates to your directory listing for future applications, contact the MDA at 573-634-3436 or info@modental.org.