Chris May, Dental Technician – C4S Speaker

Courses at a Glance (Dental Team Recommended)

  • Friday Afternoon (1:30p-4:30p): Lab Perspective of Digital Workflows
  • Saturday Morning (9a-12p): Digital Workflow in Motion

Course Details

Lab Perspective of Digital Workflows

Format: Lecture
Suggested Audience: All Dentists

As practices transition to digital workflows, it is important to understand the costs and limitations of new technology. This course will show attendees how the use of digital technologies can greatly improve office efficiency with decreased lab time while ensuring accurate scans and increased reliability. In addition to cost savings, they also enhance the overall experience for your patients. Attendees will learn what they need to set their offices on the right path for a digital future.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how incorporating digital technologies can improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Understand the costs associated as well as cost savings that can be expected.
  • Observe the scanning accuracy compared to impressions and understand the limitations as well. 
  • Review digital mockups and learn how to use functional 3D printed prototypes to manage case needs. 
  • Learn how to incorporate the team into your processes and how to keep those processes manageable. 

Digital Workflow in Motion

Format: Lecture
Suggested Audience: All Dentists

This course will show attendees how prototyping increases case acceptance and efficiency, from design to delivery in single central to full mouth rehab. Attendees will see large complex cases broken down into manageable appointments and will gain a better understanding of the activity happening behind the scenes. 

Course Objectives

  • Understand that all cases start with data and what files are needed and what to scan.
  • Learn about the day of surgery and conversion methods for full arch.
  • Understand the limitations of scan data and scanners.
  • Understand why we have the need for Photogrammetry. 
  • Learn why we use prototypes and how to make the patient feel they are moving forward and never back.
  • Learn how to deal with breakage and other problems.
  • Learn about final restorative materials. 

About the Speaker

Chris May is a Dental Technician specializing in ceramics and full arch restorations. He founded May Dental Arts and leads a team of dedicated technicians in St. Louis. Chris continues to work and train with leading implant companies on developing techniques and products that improves patient’s outcomes and team success.