Component Societies

Component Societies

When dentists join the MDA, they do so at three levels: the local component, state (MDA) and national (ADA). The following provides information on the components within the MDA. 


Staffed Components (Officers & Executive Office)

Greater St. Louis Dental Society
Meg Stagina, Executive Director
Dr. Lori Roseman, Trustee 
Dr. Robyn Hayes, President
11457 Olde Cabin Rd Ste 300
St. Louis MO 63141

Greater Kansas City Dental Society
Samantha Silvey, Executive Director
Dr. Wendy Weimer, Trustee
Dr. Garret Cochran, President
1221 W 103rd St #303
Kansas City MO 64114

Greater Springfield Dental Society
Jean Harmison, Executive Director
Dr. Ashley Meyer, Trustee
Dr. Tara Cash, President
4730 S. National Suite A1
Springfield MO 65810

Central Dental Society
Stacey Hemmel, Executive Director
Dr. Phil Batson, Trustee
Dr. Ron Wilkerson, President
3340 American Ave
Jefferson City MO 65109

Non-Staffed Components (Officers Only)

Northeast Dental Society
Dr. Lisa Bosch, Trustee
Dr. Adrienne Lynn, President

Northwest Dental Society
Dr. Emily Mattingly, Trustee
Dr. David Mattingly, President

Southeast Dental Society
Dr. Steve Schoolman, Trustee
Dr. Alyssa Baker, President

Southwest Dental Society
Dr. Jon Reagan, Trustee
Dr. Alex Talbott, President

Component Leaders & Volunteers

The MDA offers a multitude of resources to help any member who volunteers within their component. Visit the Component Leaders Page to access these tools.

Organized dentistry? Maybe you can!

Interested to learn about volunteer opportunities available at the state and national level? We know often many members think they don’t have time to become involved with organized dentistry … but maybe you can, and maybe by watching this video you can consider it yourself or invite someone else to do so.

The video gives an overview of opportunities and explains how little time and effort most positions require. Especially in small component societies, volunteers are being "recycled" and new participants are desired. We want to see new leaders emerge from within our membership! Even if you (or someone you're thinking would be a great choice) may not be interested right now, by seeing what volunteer members do at the MDA and ADA levels make spark interest for future involvement.