Component Societies


Components with Officers Only

Northeast Dental Society
Dr. ​Amanda Fitzpatrick, Trustee
Dr. William Marshall

Northwest Dental Society
Dr. Emily Mattingly, Trustee
Dr. Fallon Steins, President

Southeast Dental Society
Dr. ​Mack Taylor, Trustee
​Dr. ​​Blake Essner, President

Southwest Dental Society
Dr. ​Michael ​Patterson, Trustee
Dr. ​Jon Reagan, President

Components with Officers and Executive Office

Central Dental Society
3340 American Ave, Jefferson City MO 65109

Stacey Hemmel, Executive Director
Dr. Erick Jansson, Trustee
Dr. ​Lori Henderson, President

Greater Kansas City Dental Society
​1221 W 103rd St, #303, Kansas City MO 64114

Samantha Silvey, Executive Director
Dr. ​Jeremy Bowen, Trustee
Dr. Matthew Hlavacek, President

Greater St. Louis Dental Society
11457 Olde Cabin Rd, Ste 300, St. Louis MO 63141

Meg ​Stagina, Executive Director
Dr. ​Earl Larson, Trustee
Dr. ​Mark Scantlan, President

Greater Springfield Dental Society
1717 E Republic Rd, Ste A, Springfield MO 65804

Jean Harmison, Executive Director
Dr. ​Brett Durbin, Trustee, 
Dr. Ashley Meyer, President

Component Leaders

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