Lunch Bunch CE – Art McOmber

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At a Glance

Again at C4S, we're offering a Friday Lunch Bunch CE! This is a FREE, 45-minute CE program over lunch where companies who sponsor/exhibit will provide speakers to share expertise on dental products, services, industry trends, etc. Attendees will enjoy the same lunch provided for other attendees, but in a private room. While the program is free, space is limited and attendees must register.

Course Details

Mastering the Art of Tax Strategy & Asset Protection

Are you overpaying your taxes? Is your business structure truly benefiting you or exposing you to unnecessary risks? And most importantly, is your family adequately protected in the face of unforeseen circumstances? Join us for a captivating session with former FBI Special Agent Art McOmber as he unveils the hidden costs of ignorance in tax law, lawsuits, and probate. This program will provide you with valuable insights to enhance your financial strategy and asset protection.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the key principles of tax optimization and identify strategies to minimize tax liabilities as a healthcare professional.
  • Recognize the importance of a solid business structure and learn techniques to mitigate risks and protect personal and professional assets.
  • Gain insights into asset protection strategies and identify effective methods to safeguard against potential lawsuits and creditor claims.
  • Enhance your financial literacy and empower yourself to make informed decisions that positively impact your financial well-being.
  • Practice legal strategies that actually discourage lawyers from ever filing a suit against you or your business.

About the Speaker

Art McOmber
Art McOmber is a seasoned professional with a diverse background encompassing language proficiency, law enforcement, entrepreneurship and asset protection. During his formative years, Art lived and worked in Southern Germany, becoming fluent in the language. He later pursued his education at Brigham Young University, graduating with a BA in German Studies/Education. It was his exceptional language skills that caught the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), leading to his recruitment after completing New Agent Training at Quantico, VA.

As an FBI Special Agent assigned to the San Diego Division, Art embarked on a remarkable career investigating and prosecuting various high-profile cases, including bank robberies, kidnappings, espionage, terrorism, and drug trafficking. This experience deepened his understanding of the importance of protecting both corporate and personal assets in a society plagued by lawsuits and a flawed tort system.

Drawing upon his diverse experiences, Art ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing and operating multiple companies. It was during this time that he recognized the critical need for effective asset protection and over-taxation protection. For the past eight years, Art has dedicated himself to sharing his expertise in these areas, as well as wealth creation, with healthcare professionals nationwide.