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Component Societies


Components with Officers Only

Northeast Dental Society
Dr. Michael Berry, Trustee
Dr. ​Amanda Fitzpatrick, President

Northwest Dental Society
Dr. Bob Ruwwe, Trustee
Dr. Emily Mattingly, President

Southeast Dental Society
Dr. James Fox, Trustee
Dr. ​Dominique Harter, President

Southwest Dental Society
Dr. M​chael ​Patterson, Trustee
Dr. ​CJ Hayes, President

Components with Officers and Executive Office

Central Dental Society
3340 American Ave, Jefferson City MO 65109

Stacey Kloeppel, Executive Director
Dr. David Dear, Trustee
Dr. Scott Dear, President

Greater Kansas City Dental Society
520 W 103rd St, #303, Kansas City MO 64114

Samantha Silvey, Executive Director
Dr. ​Robert Tait, Trustee
Dr. ​Connie White, President

Greater St. Louis Dental Society
11457 Olde Cabin Rd, Ste 300, St. Louis MO 63141

Meg Shannon, Executive Director
Dr. ​Earl Larson, Trustee
Dr. ​Dean Telthorst, President

Greater Springfield Dental Society
1717 E Republic Rd, Ste A, Springfield MO 65804

Jean Harmison, Executive Director
Dr. Cheryl Haley, Trustee
Dr. Eric Tolliver, President

Component Leaders

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