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COVID-19 Resources from ADA, MDA, State of Missouri

Links to recent COVID-19 updates and resource documents for your practice.

CDC Guidance

The CDC continues to update its guidance regarding COVID-19. Visit CDC COVID website for the most current information. 

COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

Newly updated document to assist you in your practice: COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for Healthcare Providers. The guidance within it has been written by Dr. Guy Deyton, State Dental Director, and reviewed by Dr. George Turabelidze, State Epidemiologist. It includes information on screening, protection and testing. 

Dr. Deyton also has written Conducting Comfortable Vaccine Discussions – 4 Easy Steps to assist members in effectively communicating with patients about vaccines.

N95 Masks & Other PPE Free from State

We want to remind members about the State of Missouri PPE order form to request N95 masks and other PPE items for free. When using the form, select “Dentist” as the facility license type, and the Honeywell DC365 N95 becomes visible to be requested. There is no cost for the PPE items or shipping; orders (in case amounts) will be filled if supply is available. The State does ask all healthcare providers attempt to obtain supplies through their normal vendors but understands there have been numerous times when certain items have been in short supply or vendor orders have been delayed.

Recent ADA Updates

When the ADA updates any of its documents or provides new ones, they are posted at Highlighted below are recent updates. 

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