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Licensure Renewal

The Dental Board license renewal date is November 30, 2020. Learn about CE/BLS requirements.

The Missouri Dental Board has not waived the requirements for CE hours for the November 30, 2020 renewal date. Look for a postcard reminder, as well as several email reminders to begin to be sent from the Department of Professional Registration around the September 1.  

For any questions on these licensure items, contact the Missouri Dental Board.​

Some frequent questions and items to note are:

  • In-person courses are not a requirement and all CE hours could be gained online. The CE rule, however, does provide instruction on the requirement of clinical-related CE versus that which pertains to practice management: “Of the 50 hours required for dentists, not less than 40 must be hours directly related to the updating and maintaining of knowledge and skills in the treatment, health and safety of the individual dental patient." 
  • There is no limitation on the number of CE hours that licensees can obtain through online courses, journal offerings, webinars or other distance/virtual learning formats. The Board has observed that during the current COVID-19 pandemic, many online or distance learning providers are actually offering free or reduced fees for CE courses. While many traditional CE providers are canceling events due to social distancing limitations, this is an excellent opportunity for licensees to take advantage of opportunities to earn affordable CE through distance learning providers.

Extra Hours Carryover

The Board also reminds dentists that they may carry over up to 25 extra hours earned beyond the renewal requirement into the next CE reporting period. For example, if a dentist earned a total of 70 hours of CE during the current period, 20 of those hours could be applied to the requirement to renew in 2022. The Board does remind licensees to check to make sure that their hours are from approved CE providers. A list of Board-approved CE providers can be found in the Board’s Continuing Dental Education rule, 20 CSR 2110-2.240 (pages 15-17).

Basic Life Support (BLS) For Renewal

The Board is waiving restrictions prohibiting online-only certification in Basic Life Support. This will allow licensees to obtain certification or re-certification in BLS using online-only certification courses. This waiver will apply for the 2020 renewal period only or for applications received during the current state of emergency.

There are several BLS online versions offered. But, is there a particular one or will any one of them work? The Dental Board has stated that as long as a course provider meets the American Heart Association guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) then that course would be acceptable—any course that meets this standard would be acceptable.

The following links have been provided to help you find BLS courses (the MDA does not endorse these nor suggest one is preferred; this listing is provided merely to help find courses):

Member Question Regarding BLS

In regard to the BLS requirements for COVID, I called this morning and confirmed with the MDA that the hands-on portion is waived for dentist and hygienist licencees (and EFDA permits) due this year. My question: is there anything we need to do to print an official certificate with an expiration date? After completing the AHA online course (takes almost 3 hours) we were given a certificate, but it says that it has to be taken to a hands-on instructor who will then submit for receipt of an official completion certificate. I just want to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to (but I’m totally in support of not going into another office to complete the hands-on portion).

  • Dental Board Response: The renewal requirement is that licensees/permit holders possess current certification in BLS, not simply that they take a course. It is up to the training entity to provide the certification. The rule prohibits the use of using online only certification courses. The waiver suspends that restriction, but does not technically suspend the requirement for licensees to have current certification—it allows them to obtain that certification through an online-only vendor. The AHA is the certifying body in this case. Technically, it is up to the certifying body to decide whether or not the person is certified. If a certifying body says you have to meet certain requirements to be certified by them, then that is their policy. For this year, the Board will be more lenient on this issue because this is an unforeseen complication with the waiver. The Board recommends the licensee print the certificate that the AHA is providing showing that they have completed the didactic portion of the certification process and maintain that for their records. If the Board has to extend the waiver beyond the current renewal period, this issue will need to be addressed.

Workforce Surveys

Take workforce survey ( or ).

In addition to the license renewal, the form includes a few questions the Office of Dental Health (ODH) would like you to answer also. The surveys—one for dentists and one for dental hygienists—should take fewer than 5 minutes to complete.

  • Why is ODH doing this survey? To develop a Workforce Analysis. It will provide information to help ODH and other stakeholders make policy decisions.
  • What happens to my answers and personal data? All answers will be maintained on the Dental Board server and only accessed by Board personnel. The Workforce Analysis will summarize the data provided; no individual data will be reported.
  • When will the Analysis be available? Before July 2021. When it is completed it will be posted on the ODH website and shared with stakeholders.​