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MDIS Chamber Benefit Plan

Learn more about a simple and affordable medical plan alternative for your small business/practice: the Chamber Benefit Plan.

There is strength in numbers. So wouldn't it be great for a medical plan that allows small businesses to join together for more plan options and lower rates? We think so, and are excited to announce MDIS is now offering the Chamber Benefit Plan, a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) designed for businesses like your dental practice.

When it comes to providing employees with cost-saving health care coverage, small businesses are at a big disadvantage compared to their larger counterparts. Because of their smaller size, their claims risk pool is spread out across a much smaller employee population. That can result in higher, less stable insurance rates and fewer viable plan choices.

Fortunately, MDIS is now offering a simple and affordable medical plan alternative: the Chamber Benefit Plan.

To join the Chamber Benefit Plan, you must be a member of a qualifying Chamber of Commerce. Not a chamber member? We'll help you join one! You'll get access to a full range of high-quality plans and options that can lead to significant savings.

After reading more details, if you think this plan is right for your small business, call Christy Diehl, MDIS Employee Benefits Manager at 573-636-8752.