MO Dentists Can Administer COVID-19 Vaccine with Training

Overview of state orders to comply with requirements for dentists to administer vaccine.

Vaccinator Liability

This webpage verifies vaccinators have immunity from liability when giving COVID vaccines, unless there is gross misconduct (see immunity from liability section). “Subject to certain requirements and if eligible, PREP Act coverage provides liability protections under federal and state/territorial law with respect to all claims for loss resulting from the administration or use of a covered countermeasure in this case COVID-19 vaccine.”

MDA inquired with its insurance subsidiary, MDIS, who contacted the MDA endorsed malpractice provider, MedPro, which verified they will not need doctors to notify them any longer as previously noted regarding if they are administering the COVID-19 vaccine.  

The following is being shared from Dr. Guy Deyton, Dental Director in the Office of Dental Health, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), regarding dentists’ ability to administer the COVID-19 vaccine, should they desire. This information comes after the March 11 announcement by the Biden administration that additional healthcare providers, including dentists, would be able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. Since that announcement and the March 16 PREP Act amendment, state entities have put orders in place to direct dentists.

On March 16, the Federal Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act was amended by the Acting Secretary expanding the list of healthcare professionals who may administer the COVID-19 vaccines to include dentists who currently hold (or have held) a license in good standing in any state within the last five years.

According to the PREP Act, dentists must satisfy the following requirements before administering the COVID-19 vaccine:

  1. Have documentation of completion of the CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training Modules;
  2. Have documentation of completion of Basic CPR certification (already required for your license);
  3. Have observed a currently practicing, appropriately licensed healthcare professional giving intramuscular injections (practically, this could be done at the beginning of the dentist’s volunteering experience before giving vaccines)
  4. Comply with any additional training as may be required by the state, tribe, locality, etc. for prescribing, dispensing and administering COVID-19 vaccines (at this time, we are unaware of additional state requirements).

On March 22, Dr. Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) issued three orders relating to the administration of the three COVID-19 vaccines currently administered in Missouri. The orders outline:

  • who may administer the vaccine
  • candidate assessment and screening
  • indications for vaccine candidate counseling
  • required distribution of vaccine-related information to vaccine candidates
  • vaccination protocol
  • emergency response protocol
  • post-vaccination monitoring

The following are links to each DHSS order:

Dentists should read, understand and explicitly follow Dr. Williams’ orders to comply with Missouri requirements for administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Once dentists have satisfied the stated training requirements, they may volunteer as COVID-19 vaccinators with any of the approved vaccinators indicated here.

If a dentist wishes to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine from his/her individual site (not an existing, established vaccinator site), the doctor would need to comply with all regulations associated with becoming a vaccinator, including vaccine storage/distribution and registration regulations. Visit the DHSS COVID-19 Vaccinator Enrollment for complete information.

If you have questions, email Dr. Deyton or call 573-526-3838.