Become a PAC300 Dentist

Help MDA advocacy efforts to influence legislation and regulatory matters impacting dentists in 2021 and beyond.

Over the past many sessions, our efforts to kill harmful proposals and enact MDA priorities have been successful in large part due to grassroots participation, financial backing from members and the MDA’s presence in the Capitol.

This year is no different. Here are the issues on our radar:

  • Eliminate downcoding
  • Apply the new provider credentialing provisions for all dental health carriers
  • Grant liability protection to dentists for COVID-19 related claims
  • Delay indefinitely the requirement to e-prescribe controlled substances 
  • Block MO HealthNet’s (Medicaid) recently announced initiative requiring a medical diagnosis code on your claim form

In addition to these, we will work to increase Medicaid dental services to adults, increase rates and fund the Donated Dental Services/Dental Lifeline Network program. 

Here is how you can help us help you. Our game plan in the past has worked, and a well-funded PAC is critical to our operations. Plainly put, we need to raise $30,000 by mid-April for the Missouri Dental Political Action Committee. As noted above, these funds are an essential element in our advocacy program.  

To meet this goal, we need 300 dentists to give $100 in less than 100 days. Will you be one of them? Click here to donate today.