Dental Board Candidates

MDA Committee to submit names to be considered for Missouri Dental Board members. Applications due March 2.

Missouri statute requires that the MDA submit a list of five dentists annually, no later than July 1, to be considered by the governor as possible candidates for vacant dentist position(s) on the Missouri Dental Board (MDB).

To be considered for a 5-year appointment to the MDB, members must return a completed questionnaire, current curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation to the MDA no later than March 2, 2020. These materials will be reviewed by the committee members. If the committee has further questions, a telephone interview may be scheduled. Late applicants will not be considered.

Serving as a MDB member requires a large time commitment, and because of this, the MDA has created a document titled “Learn About Serving on the Missouri Dental Board” with details about what is expected of MDB members.

To obtain the questionnaire and information document, or if you have questions, contact Margie Kunze at the MDA.

Please note that while the MDA is required to submit a list of names, the governor is not obliged to appoint one of the MDA candidates to the position. The final appointment is made by the Governor, approved by the individual’s Senator and confirmed by the entire Senate. A strong connection with one’s Senator is a plus for potential candidates.