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Access Practice Perspective and Dental Team magazine articles to help you create a successful practice and team environment.

You can now access Focus Practice Perspective and Dental Team articles online to help you navigate issues and create a successful practice and team environment.

The Practice Perspective column is an effort lead by David Thein, DDS, MSD, MBA, and MDA member, periodontist and associate clinical professor at UMKC School of Dentistry. He is the course director for the practice management curriculum and advises students/residents and recent grads in professional career development. The column provides a Q&A-style interview with industry experts on a variety of topics of interest/pertinent to the dentist and dental team. In addition to his column, other articles appearing in the Focus magazine and related to practice management will be provided on this page.  

The Dental Team column is provided by Jodi Schafer, a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, who has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resource management. She is a regular contributor to various industry publications and began contributing to the Focus​ in 2014. 

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