Focus Cover Photo Contest

10th Annual MDA Photo Contest

Congratulations Winners

Thank You Prize Sponsors

The 2022 Photo Contest Prizes is sponsored by MDIS ($150 first place cash prize) and MedPro ($50 second place VISA gift cards). 

By Category

  • Urban Life – Images depicting aspects unique to and easily identifiable with an urban lifestyle/environment.
    1. Dean Telthorst, Living Life on the Edge
    2. Jack Backs, Street Band
    3. Brian Fischer, Crumbling
  • Rural Life – Images depicting aspects unique to and easily identifiable with a rural lifestyle/environment.
    1. Nathan Woodward, Rusty Truck
    2. David Jackson, The Old Homeplace
    3. Brian Fischer, Hitch
  • Black & White – Images displaying great texture, tonal contrast, shape, form and lighting … without the distraction of color.
    1. Dean Telthorst, Back Home in Atchison
    2. David Jackson, Twisted Limbs
    3. Nathan Woodward, Alice's Loft
  • Color – Images showing outstanding use of color, including array of shades, vibrancy and depth/saturation of color.
    1. Jay Hodge, Peggy’s Cove
    2. Dean Telthorst, An American in Paris
    3. Jack Backs, Egret Sunset
  • Nature – Images displaying the beauty of nature and the outdoors, including landscapes and animals.
    1. Jack Backs, Short-Eared Owl
    2. Ed Kendrick, Butterfly
    3. Sam Kallsnick, Morning Catch
  • Architecture – Images that display architecture: details, exteriors and interiors. 
    1. Brian Fischer, Primary Crusher Building
    2. Teresa Hughes, God in Nature
    3. Sam Kallsnick, Symmetry