COVID-19 magnified the need and opportunity to consider teledentistry for dental practices. This page provides information and resources for dentists to learn about dentistry and its applications for practice.

Teledentistry: Not Just for Public Health Dentists, Applications to Consider for Private Practices (MDA Focus article, May/June 2020)

Teledentistry & Virtual Evaluations During COVID-19 — An overview of teledentistry and available low-cost technologies for dentists who want to temporarily use virtual services during the pandemic. Covers the privacy and billing implications of teledentistry and provides reference materials and links to reliable information sources on HIPAA, documentation and dental coding.​ Presented by Dr. Paul Glassman and Dr. Nathan Suter.

Teledentistry in Missouri During the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar — Panel discussion on the use of teledentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic to include varied uses of teledentistry to provide consultation, care coordination and triage, among other topics. Facilitated by the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health.

Additional Teledentistry Resources

Teledentistry Questions

The following teledentistry questions are provided by MDA member dentist, webinar panelist and teledentistry expert, Dr. Nathan Suter.  ​

  • What is teledentistry?
  • Is teledentistry legal in Missouri?
  • Does my malpractice cover teledentistry?
  • What documentation is needed for teledentistry?
  • Is it true that HIPAA guidelines for telehealth were relaxed due to COVID-19?
  • Is imaging required for teledentistry exams?
  • What procedure codes do I need to document for a teledentistry visit?
  • Is teledentistry reimbursed by insurance? Can I charge my patients for this service?
  • Is a phone call with a patient plus documentation enough to be considered a teledentistry exam?
  • What can I do if I do not have access to my dental record while under quarantine?
  • Who is the author of this set of teledentistry questions and answers?