COVID Quick Test Webinar

BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test Webex
& Toolkit for Oral Health Care Providers

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) invites you to learn about FREE testing resources which can be available to oral health providers for testing staff, patients, visitors, vendors and contractors for COVID-19. These tests may be used to test individuals displaying symptoms of COVID, as well as for screening purposes. 

BinaxNOW Oral Health Providers Webex (On-Demand)

Click Here to Watch the Webex

This Webex originally was shown live on November 29. 

  • New! Dr. Guy Deyton has written a Summary Primer from BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test Webinar for Oral Healthcare Workers as an overview of the WebEx presentation. It is recommended to watch/review both items. 
  • In this Webex, DHSS reviews information at this link, and this page contains a link to the test ordering platform. This also is the link to apply for BinaxNOW tests (scroll down and click on the to the BinaxNOW Testing heading and click on BinaxNOW Hub.
  • The BinaxNOW antigen COVID-19 tests provide a result within 15 minutes and are easy to administer. These tests are available at no cost. There are some requirements and responsibilities associated with receiving these tests which will be discussed during this call. DHSS is providing these tests statewide to a diverse array of test users; they have successfully assisted test users to mitigate testing challenges and barriers.
  • Participation in the call in no way obligates you to use these tests or participate in DHSS BinaxNOW program. As well, your practice/organization can begin or discontinue use of these tests at any time; you are not being asked to commit to a certain timeframe or to conduct a certain number of tests.

BinaxNOW Toolkit for Oral Health Providers

As you consider participating in the BinaxNOW program, please review the BinaxNOW Toolkit for Oral Health Providers. It's contents include:

About Abbott’s BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test Kits
Use Cases
Materials Needed to Administer Tests
Evaluating the Results of Rapid Antigen Testing
Test Site Obligations
Training Requirements
Waiver to Perform Laboratory Testing 
Disposal of Testing Materials 
Documentation and Reporting of BinaxNOW Tests 
Reordering Tests
Appendix A: Standing Order to Administer BinaxNOW Tests
Appendix B: Template of Questions on the Request Form 
Appendix C: Quick Reference Resources 
Appendix D: Sample Consent Form
Appendix E: Test Administrator’s Confidentiality Agreement
Appendix F: How to Locate a Lot Number on Test Kits
Appendix G: Sample Testing Plan