House of Delegates

The 2020 MDA House of Delegates will be a one-day virtual meeting Friday November 6, using the Zoom platform and its various features. Further details on the virtual event will be announced soon. For any related questions, contact Margie Kunze.

Important 2020 Virtual MDA House Meeting Information

Please review all documents below carefully. You will note that we will have only one Reference Committee this year. The Articles of Agreement & Bylaws Committee will be assigned all resolutions. Aside from the usual procedural resolutions, there have been only 2 resolutions received from the component societies.

To ensure the integrity of the vote, there will no substitutions of alternates for delegates allowed during the House Sessions. We have deadlines noted on the schedule for permanent substitutions only. 

Things to Know Before You Go

If you are new to the MDA House, or just need a quick refresher on the meeting mechanics, please watch this House of Delegates Orientation video.

House Orientation Video

  • About the House
  • Member Participation
  • Officer Nominations

201​​9 ​House of Delegates Minutes

201​9 House of Delegates Minutes

House Resolution Status Update 

At the 2013 House of Delegates, Resolution 2013H-10 "House Resolutions on the MDA Website" was passed and directed the MDA staff to add a listing to the MDA website listing each of the previous three year's adopted resolutions with a corresponding note on the status of each and for it to be updated every six months. Click here to go to the House Resolution Status page.