Recent Graduate Membership

Beginning the 2021 dues cycle, the ADA is decreasing its dues discounts for members who are recent graduates. Through 2020, new dentists were offered a dues discount following dental school for up to 4 years. Beginning in 2021, a discount will be available for two years.  

While ADA is making this change, the MDA is not aligning with the change at this time (therefore, it is not increasing its dues on the state level for recent graduates); however, the change has been presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration to be further evaluated in 2021. 

Most MDA component societies also are not aligning with the change at this time, although the Greater St. Louis Dental Society has decided to align with the ADA change.

Therefore, in 2021, newly recent graduate members, depending on how many years they have been out of school, will see an increase in ADA dues (as described below), no increase in MDA dues, and may see an increase in local dues.

Following are FAQs provided by the ADA about the dues change.
  • Why has my dues discount decreased more than expected/been removed sooner than anticipated?
  • What is the new discount offering for new dentists beginning in 2021?
  • How is the discount being applied if I was already a member in the 2020 Reduced Dues Program? How did/will MY dues change in 2021?
  • Am I able to make payments?
  • I am unable to afford the dues. Are there any other options available to me?