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​Dental Team Members

Become an Associate Member of the MDA

MDA Associate Membership acknowledges delivering exceptional dentistry is truly a team effort, in which each individual member brings value not only to the practice but to professional associations. To promote the importance and strength of the entire dental team, the MDA established the Associate Membership category.

Associate Members can access some of the same membership benefits enjoyed by more than 2,000 Missouri dentists, for just $​10 each year. Even if you’re already a member of a professional organization for your career, joining the MDA provides additional representation and support of the state’s largest dental association at an incredible value. Read on to learn more about the benefits of MDA Associate Membership.

Note: If the sponsoring dentist is paying for multiple dental team memberships, they only need to fill the payment information out on one application. A signature from the sponsoring dentist is still required on every application submitted. For questions call 573-645-3436. 

Associate Membership Application

Benefits of Membership 

  • Communications (eFocus & eNewsletter)
  • Advocacy
  • Classified Auxiliary/Office Staff Listings
  • Missouri Dental Insurance Services
  • MDA Foundation
  • Dental Well Being Foundation