National Signing Day Winners

Watch the video link at right to see if you're a winner! You're all winners to us, but on June 1, we announced those who watched a video that offered a special prize incentive. The MDA will contact you if you're a winner!

You Still Have Time to Convert

We still want all 2021 grads to convert their student membership to dentist membership! Regardless of what's next—taking time off, continuing your education or going into practice—your national (ADA), state (MDA and local (component) want to ensure you're an active member to get the support, knowledge and collective advocacy voice to thrive. Click the "Convert My Membership" button to continue receiving benefits at all three levels! 

Wait ... There's More (Free Malpractice)

Get a MedPro Malpractice policy paid by MDA. If you're planning to practice in Missouri, all you have to do is complete the online application and you get FREE malpractice insurance. Really, it's that simple: Purchase a MedPro malpractice insurance coverage through MDIS as a new graduate and the MDA will pay your first year's policy (some eligibility requirements). Click here to learn more.