Endorsements & Perks

Endorsements & Perks Savings 


The MDA co-endorses ADA Member Advantage products. We also offer some independent of ADA, as well as products and savings through our subsidiary, MDIS.

  • ADA Member Advantage (Multiple Programs)
  • Best Card (Credit Card Processing)
  • MDIS (Insurance & Retirement)
  • MedPro (Malpractice Insurance)

Perks Program

The MDA Perks Program increases awareness about allied dental companies desiring to offer members good products and services at good prices. These companies complete an application process and pay a fee to advertise/market to MDA members.

  • Burkhart Dental (Supplies/Practice Solutions)
  • iCoreConnect (Software to Increase Profit & Productivity)
  • Marcum / BWTP (Accounting/Consulting)
  • Ollis Akers Arney (HR Services)

Special Services

The following special services don't fall into an Endorsement or Perks designation, but still provide services and savings for members. 

  • ADAPT (ADA Practice Transitions)
  • Bento (In-office Dental Plans)
  • CleverRX (Prescription Savings)
  • Travel Discounts (Cars, Hotels)

Your Feedback Matters

We are always monitoring programs that offer services and savings to our members to make sure that you receive good customer service and quality member benefits. We welcome your feedback on these companies and appreciate your opinion. We want to hear your positive feedback, or if you have a problem or complaint, let us know and we'll help get it resolved. Please complete the form below or contact Melissa Albertson to share your feedback.