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At its April 2023 meeting, the Missouri Dental Board approved a request to support a pilot project to study an Oral Preventive Assistant Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA). This project request was made by Dr. Jackie Miller, Director of Oral Health in the Missouri Office of Dental Health. We thank the Dental Board for allowing this pilot as one way to consider new methods to address workforce shortages and provision of care. We will continue to update our members as the project proceeds.

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  • Email a letter of support for the Pilot to the Missouri Dental Board.
  • Email a letter of support for the Pilot to the Office of Dental Health.
Statement from Dr. Jackie Miller
We acknowledge the important contributions of the dental hygienist to oral health care in Missouri. We are conducting a pilot project only to evaluate a possible dental health care worker who may have the opportunity to provide care to underserved populations in Missouri with healthy gingiva or reversible gingivitis as diagnosed by a dentist. We have a tremendous amount of unmet dental need and are experiencing an extreme dental workforce shortage. The goal of the pilot program is to evaluate if an Oral Preventive Assistant EFDA might be able to expand our dental workforce in underserved areas. The report summarizing the findings of the pilot project at its conclusion will be delivered to the Missouri Dental Board, at which time further decisions will be made.

OPA Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a page with answers to questions being asked regarding the Oral Preventive Assistant. Click here to read.

Pilot Project Overview

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  • What would the OPA EFDA do?
  • Why is an OPA EFDA position necessary?
  • Will this be safe for patients?
  • Is there precedent for this type of Expanded Function?
  • What are the next steps with the OPA EFDA Pilot Project?

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If you have questions/comments about the Pilot, please us the form below to send to the MDA. If you have difficulty using the form you may email the MDA. To send a letter of support for the Pilot to the Missouri Dental Board, please do so by email.

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