Make Your Voice Heard, Contribute to MODentPAC

PAC dollars help to build relationships to move MDA’s legislative agenda forward. Not only do these funds contribute to our successes but they help prevent legislation that is harmful to the dental profession from getting traction. These lobby groups often have deep pockets, which creates strong influence.

The good news is MODentPAC has a history of being one of Missouri’s most influential healthcare political action committees. But for that to remain true, we need to be able to keep contributing to campaigns.

Click on the forms below to see the new giving levels established in August 2023, which match those of ADPAC. Contact Halie Payne for any questions about PAC giving. 

New Annual Contribution Levels 

  • Student Capital Club – $50
  • New Dentist Capital Club – $150
  • Capital Club – $250
  • Capital Elite – $500
  • Diamond Club – $1,000
  • Double Diamond Club – $2,000+

MODentPAC Overview

  • Governed by MDA member dentists, who represent each component.
  • Supports candidates committed to dentistry regardless of party affiliation.
  • Shows lawmakers the dental profession is committed to oral health issues.
  • Opportunity for dentists to pool their funds and be in a position to contribute to legislators friendly to dentistry and our issues.
  • Component members have a voice in the expenditure of PAC funds through representation on the MODentPAC Board.

MODentPAC Board Members

Phil Loida, Southeast
Tom Stone, Greater SPG
Phillip Batson, Central
Lynne Barbour, Northeast

Benjamin Rosenberg, Southwest
Bob Butler, Greater STL
Kirk Opdahl, Greater KC (Chair)
Fallon Stiens, Northwest

Hosting a Fundraiser

There is no more effective way to cement a good relationship with a lawmaker or potential lawmaker than to participate in his or her election or re-election campaign by hosting a Fundraiser. Fundraising events help the candidate raise money and give them the chance to meet and talk with voters. In short, they appreciate and remember those who have helped them in their efforts. The MDA will be glad to help as you plan your fundraiser; just give us a call.

Political Action Handbook

2022 Law, Contributing to MODentPAC as an LLC

A new 2022 law may affect how some members who are organized as an LLC can contribute to campaigns and political action committees, including MODentPAC. Read more.