Advocacy Events

Dental Day at the Capitol, March 6

Join the MDA Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City for Dental Day! 

Register for Dental Day

Why Attend Dental Day

MDA needs your help to become a powerful advocate in order to see positive change. We are asking you to be present at the MDA Dental Day at the Capitol. It is YOU, the dentist, whether small business owner, employee, associate, you name it, that legislators want to hear from. Without a doubt, this face-to-face interaction between dentists and legislators contributes to successful advocacy. Legislators want to know what you or your insurance administrator is experiencing.

Yes, this is one day, in a series of 364 other days where you could make contact, but this ONE DAY of PHYSICAL PRESENCE, is needed each year to demonstrate the magnitude of the problem and to show the number of providers that insist on change. If insurance reform affects all dentists, then all dentists are needed to tell their story. And when you come in numbers to the legislator’s workplace, it makes a memorable difference.

To begin, make it a point right now to attend Dental Day at the Capitol on March 6, 2024 by marking that day off on your calendar and registering. The long-term reward is worth the short-term absence.

We will make it simple for you to navigate because we will build it all for you with the tools and materials needed to help you talk to your legislators about the MDA agenda and the issues that affect your practice. MDA Dental Day at the Capitol is ONE DAY we ask for you actual presence at the Missouri State Capitol, where you can come to ...

  • advocate for MDA’s agenda to make important changes to your practice,
  • unite with other colleagues that are doing the same,
  • meet and build relationships with your legislators,
  • visit a spectacular Capitol,
  • meet your lobbying team, and;
  • make a difference.

Why on a Wednesday, right in the middle of your busy practice week? Because typically it is the day of the week when most legislators are in the building giving us the best chance for success.

  • Appointments are pre-scheduled for you with your representative and/or senator.
  • Appointments will start early (by 8am) and end early (before Noon).
  • You should plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled visit with your legislators to allow time to park and make your way through security and up to the MDA home base on the third-floor rotunda.
  • There you can pick up your packet and get briefed on the agenda and materials before your appointment.Other dentists, dental students or MDA staff may join you as well for support.
  • Your one day might also include lunch with a legislator (if pre-planned) or colleagues, touring the Capitol if you desire, and photos we hope you post to social media to reinforce our story.
  • This one day is a refreshing change from your daily routine that in turn will enhance your daily routine in the future. It’s an investment in your profession.

I assure you the MDA lobbying team will be there to brief you on the priority agenda items. We supply detailed maps of Capitol, legislative lists, talking points with explanation of the bills, leave behinds for legislators, restaurant listings, and answers to your questions.

It’s our ONE DAY of DENTISTRY FOCUS for YOU THE MEMBER. Please join us and make a difference.