ADA Practice Transitions Program: How Mentorship Can Enhance Your Career – No Matter What Phase You’re In

December 3, 6-7pm

The ADA recently launched its ADAPT program to match dentists—new and nearing retirement—for increased practice transition success, especially with the help of the ADAPT program, its online matching platform and expert advisors. The course is for seasoned professionals who desire to begin to transition their practice (or are at least thinking about it, even if it seems a few years away) and for D3/D4 students hoping to find their future “dream practice” to become part of. 

Why is mentorship so important to the future of dentistry? How can you find the right mentor/mentee—and build a successful relationship? In this webinar, Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Practice Transitions Vice President of Dental Practice & Relationships, will explore how mentorship can enhance both doctors’ work while helping deliver top-notch care to patients.

Course Objectives:

  • How to determine if being a mentor or mentee is right for you
  • How owners can be good mentors (without being overbearing)
  • What associates can do to get the most benefit from others’ experience

This course is meant for any doctors planning to sell their practice, and especially if your practice is in a more rural areas where it may take more time to transition, and thus the value of a mentor/mentee relationship of a new dentist can be critical for transition success. It also is meant for third and fourth year dental students who are planning for their professional future, and know it may take some time to find a perfect fit. Both doctors and dental students can complete free profiles on the ADAPT platform to find mentors/mentees that share practice philosophies and more. 


EbertDr. Suzanne Ebert graduated from University of Louisville College of Dentistry in 1998. Following a 1 year GPR, she entered private practice as an associate in St. Augustine, Fla. In 2000, she started her solo private practice in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida where she treated friends and family for 11 years. Upon the sale of her practice, she elected to continue her career by providing dental care to indigent populations by becoming the Dental Director at a local Federally Qualified Health Center. Under her tenure the clinics expanded and addressed real needs in the community including eldercare, special needs care and ER diversion. Dr. Ebert also became heavily involved in Florida Dental Association leadership, rising through the chairs of her local component and ultimately into the position of Trustee for the Florida Dental Association. As Adjunct Faculty for the University of Florida, she had the privilege of working directly with senior dental students as they rotated through her clinics. Dr. Ebert considers herself a clinical dentist first and is unwavering in her desire to protect private practice dentistry. She is a vocal advocate of having a strong association to lead the dental profession through the issues facing it today.


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