C4Cash4th Annual Connect4Cash Raffle was a Success. Watch for 2022 Ticket Sales in the Spring!

A heartfelt thanks to all and here’s how all the money played out during the final countdown at Happy Hour. All are first time winners in the cash category. Imagine your name up in lights next year holding a big old wad of cash.  Kudos to these Cash Kings!

  • $100 – Dr. David Mattingly, Ms. Samantha Norman, Dr. Lori Roseman, Dr. Bob Fox and Dr. Jeremy Poynter
  • $300 – Dr. Darren Mahaffey – The MDAF Treasurer (
  • $500 – Dr. Stuart Dexter – A KDA Interloper married to MDAF Board member, Dr. Lynne Barbour
  • $700 –  Dr. Dan Kessler – Past MDA President and last minute ticket buyer
  • $1700 – Dr. David Mattingly – This Grand Champion puts the Chill in Chillicothe. He walked away with $1800 plus two vendor prizes for his 5 entry tickets. It pays to play!!