3rd Annual Connect4Cash Raffle


Buy Your Connect4Cash Ticket

Who doesn’t love cash prizes? Play your odds in the annual Connect4Cash Countdown Raffle for your chance to win big while supporting the MDA Foundation.

  • We sell only 100 tickets at $100 each so buy your chance early.
  • Ticket holders can participate in a “Boom-Zoom” Happy Hour (through Zoom) on Thursday, June ​25 at 7:15 pm, where we will randomly draw out ticket numbers until the last one remaining wins the grand prize of $1,500 cash—can’t beat that 15:1 ROI!

  • Add in gobs of other cash prizes and donated prizes from vendors, and nearly 1 out 3 players wins something (need not be “virtually” present to win, but it will be fun if you are).
  • Buy your tickets online now before we sell out!

Have questions? Contact Paul Roberts at the MDA.