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2nd Annual Connect4Cash Raffle

Connect4Cash Raffle is NOW OPEN!


Proceeds benefit the MDA Foundation programs like scholarships, grants and public supplies. Here’s how you win cash and prizes. You buy one (or more) tickets at $100 each. We only sell 100 tickets. Then you try to be the last number drawn at the countdown raffle held during Connect4Success in June which wins you $1,500 cold cash on the spot. The risk-reward ratio is favorable because about every third eliminated player will win a donated sponsor prize worth $100+. And the super-competitive among you can buy chances at getting back into the raffle after 50 and 80 tickets have been drawn. The suspense and fun is contagious, so join in. You can play (and win) even if you can’t attend C4S.

Buy Your C4$ Ticket Today!