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My View: What it means to be an ADA member and faculty ambassador

May 29, 2024
In October of 2023, I was honored with an invitation to serve as an ADA Faculty Ambassador on behalf of the UCLA School of Dentistry.
As a health sciences clinical assistant professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry and an active practitioner within our field, I frequently reflect on the multitude of factors that have facilitated my ability to engage in a profession I deeply cherish. It has become increasingly clear that the thriving nature of our profession can largely be attributed to the structured support provided by organized dentistry, specifically through the collaborative framework of the American Dental Association and state and local dental societies. This tripartite arrangement not only empowers us with a potent collective voice in legislative advocacy but also ensures access to a wealth of educational and clinical resources. These resources are instrumental in maintaining the ethical and professional standards that define our field, highlighting the pivotal role of organized dentistry in safeguarding the interests of its members and reinforcing our strength through unity. Read the full article.

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