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Online Registration

Notices, January 9, 2015: In recent days, we have been experiencing some difficulties with online registration processing correctly. These issues have been resolved, and online registration is once again available. Due to these issues, we are EXTENDING the online registration and regular fee (no $25 late fee) through Sunday, January 11. On Monday, January 12, advance registration will no longer be available, and anyone desiring to register must do so on site at Winter Session in Columbia. To register before this date, you may register online or by completing the print registration and faxing with credit card payment information. If you have any questions, please call the MDA office at 573-634-3436.

Speaker Update Notice

Please note a change in the speakers for Winter Session, as of January 9, 2015. The original scheduled speaker on the topic of implants was Dr. Robert F. Faulkner, who had to cancel unexpectedly as of January 7, 2015 due to a major, unforeseen health issue that has caused him to not be able to travel. This speaker has been replaced by Dr. Marshall D. Fagin. He will present the course "Nuts & Bolts of Implant Treatment Planning, From Single Tooth to the Complex Case: Reviewing Techniques and New Technologies to Achieve Predictable Success". This course is designed as a two part course; therefore, it is highly recommended to register for both Friday morning and afternoon sessions. See complete speaker bio and course objectives.

Attention Dental Students

Please note that if you are a dental student and wish to register, you MUST complete a print registration form and fax or email to the MDA. This is because there is not charge for you to register or attend CE, and therefore, there is no amount to process by credit card. Download print form here.


If you have questions or problems while registering contact the MDA at 573-634-3436.

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