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Course descriptions and Continuing Education credits.

Friday Morning Courses

Esthetic Dentistry and Dental Implants ... Controversies, Compromises
and Challenges | 2.75 CEU

Esthetic dentistry is an exciting and fulfilling discipline of dentistry that provides many benefits for both the patient and treating dentist. With new techniques and certainly many new materials, these procedures have become very predictable. As dental implants have evolved we can now offer patients a variety of treatment options including fixed and removable prostheses, single tooth replacement and even immediate load restorations. Yet, there exists a different set of challenges that the dentist and laboratory technician face in creating a truly esthetic implant restoration.

This program will investigate the realistic possibilities of combining esthetic dentistry with osseointegrated implants. Insights will be provided as to the importance of the pretreatment diagnosis and its relevance to the treatment outcome. Various clinical procedures will be presented and their importance discussed, thereby developing treatment sequences and establishing treatment protocols. In addition, the importance of establishing acceptable function in harmony with esthetic form will be emphasized for long term stability of the implant restorations. Communication with the dental laboratory technician will be reviewed and the sequence for the laboratory procedures will be presented.


  • Incorporate proper treatment planning protocols
  • Identify potential esthetic problems and suggest various treatment alternatives
  • Understand the importance of form and function

Presented by Robert F. Faulkner, DDS | Seeking Sponsorship

The Affordable Care Act and How to Manage Reduced-Fee Plans and Still Find Profits in Your Practice | 2.75 CEU

What you should know about the Affordable Care Act and how to position your practice for success. In a reduced-fee environment of PPOs and the ACA, it is imperative to operative as efficiently as possible!

  • Current state of the ACA and what this means for your practice
  • Effective teamwork
  • Scheduling policies and verbal skills to reduce no shows
  • Proper staffing and their duties
  • Collection tips
  • How to get annual PPO fee increases
  • Overhead control


  • Understand stand-alone, bundled and embedded dental plans in the ACA
  • Learn scheduling techniques for efficiency
  • Learn tips to maximize profits when dealing with reduced-fee plans

Presented by Lilly Cortes-Pona | Seeking Sponsorship

Friday Afternoon Courses

Making Implants Part of Your Everyday Practice: Current Concepts for Implant
Dentistry | 2.75 CEU

Dental implants have been available for patient treatment for well over 30 years, yet most dental practices in the U.S. today restore less than 10 implants a year. There are many reasons for this including patient awareness and acceptance, fear of surgery, multiple office visits, and the lack of confidence of the treating doctor and staff to deliver successful treatment. This half day lecture will cover a wide range of topics to enable the general dentist to provide predictable implant treatment for the patients in their practices.

Subjects covered include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning, including patient selection and sequence of treatment
  • Immediate Loading — is it really feasible
  • Esthetics — how do we make implant restorations look like teeth
  • Occlusion — its importance in implant success


  • Understand the current concepts of treatment planning utilizing dental implants
  • Properly select dental implants based on the science and biology
  • Understand the principles involved in establishing an esthetic implant restoration
  • Establish and understand the importance of occlusion in successful implant dentistry

Presented by Robert F. Faulkner, DDS | Seeking Sponsorship

Building Referral Relationships Through Marketing and Customer Service | 2.75 CEU

This presentation brings excitement and enthusiasm with a creative approach to marketing. From developing a sense of noble purpose within yourself to establishing an effective referral marketing system you will be given all the tools for success. Specific areas of discussion are social media, use of technology, as well as internal marketing strategies for the pediatric dental practice. The goal is to light the passion within your team that creates an environment conducive for new patient success.


  • Learn how to build a strong marketing machine
  • Understand how to use social media and technology to increase your new patients
  • Learn how to hold an effective meeting and what to track

Presented by Lilly Cortes-Pona | Sponsored by Delta Dental Lecture Series

Saturday Morning Courses

Preventing the Painful Future: Practicing Dentistry Healthfullyistically | 1 CEU

Well Being CE Program & Continental Breakfast

Occupational pain can be a debilitating if not career ending problem for dental professionals. Pain can be related to poor patient and operator positioning during treatment, poor equipment selection, or harmful habits outside of the dental office. This presentation is designed to be a brief introduction into the larger world of dental ergonomics and treating or preventing occupational pain. The objective is to improve the well being and health of practitioners.


  • Understand the consequences of poor ergonomics and positioning
  • Learn about basic modern ergonomic concepts in dentistry
  • Incorporate lifestyle changes to decrease occupational pain

Presented by Jim Nail, DDS | Sponsored by MDA Well Being Foundation

How to Take a Look and Save a Life | 2.75 CEU

Oral cancer continues to be a significant health problem in the U.S. Approximately 30,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year. Currently, one-third of those patients who receive a diagnosis of oral cancer will eventually die of their disease. The long-term survival of oral cancer patients is directly proportional to early detection, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Dental health care workers are uniquely positioned to detect the presence of oral cancer and its precursors, thus providing for significantly increased long-term survival. In addition, dental health care workers are intimately involved with the management of oral complications from both oral cancer and therapy, thus having a significant impact on reducing the morbidity of the disease and its treatment.


  • Recognize the clinical manifestations of premalignant and malignant oral disease
  • Know the indications for specific screening and diagnostic procedures for oral cancer
  • Know the techniques used in the diagnosis of oral cancer
  • Manage the complications of treatment of oral cancer

Presented by Denis Lynch, DDS, PhD | Sponsored by Delta Dental Lecture Series

The Agony of the Code™: Insurance Made Easy | 2.75 CEU

Insurance is an important part of your office's revenue cycle but it does not need to overwhelm your daily routine. Manage your information and your claims to minimize delays and rejections. This course is perfect for the new or uncertain coder.


  • Introduce basic coding, including explanation of the most common procedures encountered in a dental office
  • Learn tips to obtain reimbursement for your practice and your patients, including writing your narratives and sending attachments
  • Discuss coding trends including dental diagnosis codes
*License to use ADA CDT codes granted to Teresa Duncan. The use of the above statement enables the speaker and host association to hold a CDT course. The dental procedures codes ("Code") are owned and published by the American Dental Association ("ADA") in its reference manual Current Dental Terminology ("CDT"). The ADA is the exclusive owner and copyright holder of the CDT, including the Code, as well as of the ADA claim form.

Presented by Teresa Duncan, MS, FADIA, FAADOM | Co-Sponsored by Care Credit & OneMind Health

Saturday Afternoon Courses

Diagnosis and Treatment of Recurrent Oral Ulcers | 2.75 CEU

Recurrent oral ulcerations frequently pose diagnostic and therapeutic problems for the practicing dentist and dental hygienist. Because of overlapping clinical signs and symptoms, many of these disorders may be confused with each other and, as a result, treated inappropriately. Emphasis will be placed on those disorders that the practicing dentist and dental hygienist can expect to encounter in an average patient population.


  • Recognize the major clinical signs and symptoms of recurrent oral ulcers
  • Understand the indications and contraindications for diagnostic procedures for recurrent oral ulcers
  • Know the techniques used in the diagnosis of recurrent oral ulcers
  • Use currently accepted therapeutic modalities for recurrent oral ulcers

Presented by Denis Lynch, DDS, PhD | Seeking Sponsorship

Buckle Up! Insurance Changes Are Coming! | 2.75 CEU

The Affordable Care Act, SNODENT, Delta, PPOs — every one of these items will impact your office in the immediate future. This discussion will help you prepare by explaining the why and how of these industry shifts. Offices that are aware of these changes before they are put into effect will weather the storm just fine. Will you be one of them?


  • Discuss upcoming changes to our industry
  • Discover why diagnosis will be the new buzzword in coding
  • Assess what you can do to prepare your practice for the future

Presented by Teresa Duncan, MS, FADIA, FAADOM | Co-Sponsored by Care Credit & OneMind Health

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