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Uninsured & Low Income Resources

For those individuals and who do not have dental insurance and cannot afford to pay privately, Federal, State and Community charitable programs may be available to help you access dental care. Learn more about some of these below.

An Overview

In addition to Government resources, there are programs to provide needed dental services to those unable to receive care through private pay or insurance coverage. We hope some of the following resources might help Missourians find access to dental care. The MDA is not affiliated with any program listed.

Online Clinic/Provider List for Uninsured/Low-Income

State Programs

MO HealthNet  

  • The state of Missouri's MO HealthNet (formerly Medicaid) to provide health care services for low-income and vulnerable Missourians. Income levels vary by program. Visit the site to see if you qualify or to learn more about these programs.
  • MO HealthNet Provider Search

Oral Health Network of Missouri

The Oral Health Network of Missouri is a statewide oral health care network whose members provide oral care to medically underserved, uninsured and insured populations at over 24 delivery sites within Missouri's rural and urban communities.

Donated Dental Services

Donated Dental Services qualified applicants must be permanently disabled, critically ill, or elderly and have no financial resources with which to receive dental care. Applicants must need extensive dental care, not just a cleaning and checkup. 

DDS can also accept children who are financially disadvantaged, although Missouri Medicaid covers most of these cases.

Charitable Care

There are various charitable care programs available, usually within a community or geographic area, such as mobile clinics, free clinics and others. Contact a MDA Component to learn of resources in your area. Some examples of these include:

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