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Travel to fabulous destinations around the globe, get necessary CE hours and enjoy time with your friends, family and peers.

About the Event | Participant Testimonials

About the Event

The Travel & Learn Program is a way for dentists and their families to travel to great locations while getting CE credits, relaxing and rejuvenating. This year's trip will be Jan. 30 - Feb. 6, 2015 to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean!

The trips can range from 20 to 90 people in attendance, with dentists from all over the state of Missouri (and sometimes out of state) attending the program. MDA staff makes all the arrangements; all you do is send in your money. CE given by fellow MDA members, which allows the courses to be minimal in cost and allows for open communication in an informal structure.

Travel and Learn Registration Form

Event Sponsor

A special thanks to Missouri Dental Insurance Services for their sponsorship of this event.

Participant Testimonials


If you have never been on the MDA Travel and Learn, you are missing a wonderful experience. While the CE and the places we have visited have been terrific, the friendships and relationships we have developed over the years with other couples from around Missouri far outweigh those benefits. You can go somewhere warm in February, get CE and have a tax-deductible trip. The trip destination and date are not nearly as important as going somewhere with friends—it is something you will always treasure. Consider travelling with us in the future and become part of our "T&L Family". – Dr. Bob and Connie Fox, Cape Girardeau

I began going on the Travel and Learn programs when they first started in the early ‘80s. We went on several ski trips and enjoyed the company, camaraderie and CE opportunity. Because of our children’s school activities, we had to stop going for some time. We started going again a few years ago, and I can tell you it was one of the best decisions we made. We renewed old friendships and started new ones. Getting 10 CE credits is just a bonus to seeing wonderful resorts and spending time with dental colleagues. I have had the opportunity to share and discuss many aspect of dentistry with all the dentists who attend. It is a tremendous opportunity that more dentists should take advantage of – it’s a great value and a wonderful experience each year as we visit new places. I can’t wait until next year. I plan on attending for many years to come. – Dr. Mark Ortinau, Ellisville

About the CE

  • Going to continuing education courses is not always enjoyable, but let me assure anyone who has not gone on this trip, it is a blast. One can actually learn more just from talking to fellow dentists about how we do things and how each of us practices. I pick up little tidbits each year.
  • The CE was condensed, to the point and applicable!
  • Because the CE classes are given by fellow trip participants and not "professional" speakers, they often have ideas and information that you don't get elsewhere. We have always found the CE lectures interesting.

About the People & Places

  • My wife and I have been on the last three trips and we don't care where the future trips are planned, we will go every year.
  • Travel and Learn is a great way to really get to know other dentists around the state.
  • This was our first and hopefully not our last. We had always wanted to see Cabo San Lucas; to enjoy with colleagues and friends makes the experience so much more fun and memorable.
  • The social hours and nice meals with friends are especially memorable allowing interaction of people and friends, not just dentists.
  • My wife and I went on our first Travel and Learn in 2004 when we went to Playa Del Carmen Mexico. We were hooked after the first time. We loved it and agreed to make the trip every year. We have made friends with many fellow dentists and their spouses and enjoy our annual visits with them.
  • The really fun part of the trips is the social interaction and going to warm beautiful places when it is so cold and dreary in Missouri.

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