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Organized dentistry is a valuable resource to you as a student member as you continue to prepare for your career in dentistry. The MDA works with the students at the UMKC School of Dentistry and A.T. Still University to provide programs and services, such as Food for Thought, Dental Decks, scholarships, sponsorship of other events and projects, and more.

For questions about becoming a student member, benefits or any of the following student programs, contact Stacey Kloeppel at the MDA.

Become a Student Member

Student Member Application (Online Registration/Payment or PDF Application)

You get all these great benefits and more for only $10 per year. Your dues include automatic membership in the Greater Kansas City Dental Society or the Northeast Dental Society..

  • Members Only Access: As a student member, you have access to the Members Only areas of Modental.org. Just login with your ADA number.
  • Insurance: A complete array of products and services including board exam policies and health, life, disability, home and auto insurance for students and their families, all from the MDA subsidiary, Missouri Dental Insurance Services (MDIS).
  • Scholarships: Each year the MDA Foundation awards scholarships.
  • Food for Thought: Guest speakers and free lunch six times a year.
  • Student Delegate Representation at the MDA House of Delegates.
  • Free Registration & CE: At MDA continuing education meetings.
  • Communications: MDA magazine and eNewsletter subscriptions.
  • Dental Deck Cards: Available in the dental school library at UMKC to help in board preparation.
  • Mentor Program: Get paired up with a practicing member dentist.
  • Reduced Dues: Recent Graduates receive reduced MDA, component & ADA dues.

Download Resources

MDA Student Events & Programs

The following are some of the programs and events for dental students.

UMKC Food for Thought: A speaker and lunch is provided six times each school year at UMKC to discuss “real-world” topics that may not be learned in school. Available to MDA student members only. Food for Thought is graciously sponsored by Missouri Dental Insurance Services. Food for Thought lunches are on Tuesdays from noon to 1 pm in Room 209 at the UMKC School of Dentistry. Tentative dates for the upcoming school year include: Sept. 16, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Feb. 24, March 17, and April 14.

ATSU Food for Thought: A speaker and lunch is provided twice each school year at ATSU to discuss “real-world” topics that may not be learned in school. Available to MDA student members only. Food for Thought is graciously sponsored by Missouri Dental Insurance Services. ATSU Food for Thought lunches are on Thursdays from noon to 1 pm in Room IPE 151. Tentative dates for the upcoming school year are Oct. 23 and April 23.

Board Exams: MDIS provides lunch for students taking the dental board exams in April/May and MDA/MDIS compile membership benefit and insurance materials in a bag for the dental board candidates.

Mentorship Program: A mentorship program is available for dental students. When a student completes an application, they are paired up with a MDA member dentist.

Freshman Orientation: The MDA is a part of welcoming students at Freshman Orientation in August and discussing the benefits of membership in organized dentistry.

ASDA Support: The MDA New Dentist Committee sponsors the MDA student liaison from the UMKC School of Dentistry and and A.T. Still University to attend the ASDA (American Student Dental Association) Annual Session.

Day at the Game: Students are welcome to attend the Day at the Game which combines a tailgate party and MU football game tickets in the fall each year.

Progress Into Your Future: Want to find out what type of practice setting will work best for you? Visit various dental offices and get a better idea about the atmosphere you'd like your practice to portray. Learn more by contacting the Greater Kansas City Dental Society or the Northeast Dental Society.

Dental Scholarship Program

The MDA Foundation Dental Scholarship Program awarded $5,000 scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year based upon achievement and need. The scholarship program is an initiative of the MDA Foundation in cooperation with the Missouri Dental Association and Missouri Dental Insurance Services (MDIS). Applications for the 2015-2016 academic year will be posted in early January 2015.

Any student desiring to apply for an MDAF Dental Scholarship must be a student member of the MDA. Click here to join the MDA as a student member.

Loan Repayment Options

The Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri (PRIMO)

  • PRIMO is a competitive state loan repayment program designed for students who pursue health care training leading to Missouri licensure as dentists and hygienists. This incentive program was designed to increase the number of available health professionals in areas of need within the state. Learn more on the PRIMO website.

National Health Service Corps

  • The NHSC is open to licensed primary care medical, dental, and mental and behavioral health providers who are employed or seeking employment at approved sites. Learn more on the NHSC website.

ADA Student Resources

ADA Office of Student Affairs

  • The Office of Student Affairs provides dental students with one-stop shopping. Dental students are encouraged to call with questions about ADA resources, services and programs designed specifically for dental students. 800-621-8099 x7470 or studentaffairs@ada.org.

ADA for Dental Students Webpage

  • ADA for Dental Students is a new page on ADA.org devoted to student resources and benefits. Through the Member Center, students can access and download resources that can help them on everything from careers and licensure to financial planning and protecting their social reputation; resources from the American Student Dental Association are also highlighted.

Financial Planning Issues for Dental Students

  • This brochure is designed to help alert you to some of the major financial planning issues that you should be aware of while in dental school.

Dental Boards & Licensure: Information for the New Grad

  • A resource to help you through the licensure process, from the ADA/ASDA.

National Dental Board Exams

ADA Blog Available for New Dentists and Dental Students

Check out the blog New Dentist Now. Brought to you by the ADA's New Dentist Committee, it features resources for new dentists and dental students as well as news and insights on the dental profession and beyond. New dentists and students can learn about tips for working with their dental team, leadership opportunities and overall insight into life as a new dentist. If you like what you see, feel free to link to New Dentist Now from your society websites or social media. Suggestions for content may be sent to newdentist@ada.org.

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