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Parents and caregivers make the difference in children getting a good start with oral health. Help ensure a healthy smile for your child by creating good habits from an early age, such as regular brushing, good nutrition, visits to the dentist and other decay prevention techniques.


Parents may think of a newborn baby as having no teeth, but the primary teeth that will erupt over the next few years are already present when your child is born. These teeth are crucial to your childís dental development and important to their total health.

The Start Right materials and education program was developed to address the importance of baby teeth and caring for these, and to give information on teething and tooth eruption, and practical tips to prevent early childhood cavities. 

Did You Know?

  • Increasing evidence suggests that maternal gingivitis and periodontitis may be a risk factor for preterm birth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. For this reason, itís important pregnant women receive needed oral health care.
  • Evidence suggests most infants and young children acquire caries causing bacteria from their mothers.


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