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The MDA is committed to provide information to help you in any stage of your dental career. Look here for various practice-related resources for any stage of your career.


As small business owners, there's a lot to juggle. Dentists must not only make sound treatment decisions for patients, but also sound business decisions. To maintain practice viability, learn about all the benefits available to you through your MDA membership.

Dental Students: Organized dentistry is a valuable resource to you as a student member while you continue to prepare for your career in dentistry. Learn how the tripartite works with the students at the UMKC School of Dentistry to provide programs and services, such as Food for Thought, Dental Decks, scholarships, sponsorship of other events and projects, and more.

New Dentists: If you graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago, you are considered a New Dentist. Find resources on buying a practice, associateships, starting a practice, loan repayment and much more.

Active Dentists: You're now past the New Dentist stage and working on honing the intricacies of a well run practice. We have programs and resources for you, your staff and your developing practice.

Retired Dentists: As you transition into a life of retirement, find several valuable resources that will make the transition smooth including items to consider when closing a practice, retired membership discounts and attaining a volunteer dental license.

Member Benefits: Make sure your membership investment is working for you! Browse these member benefits and see how they help you and your practice, but also advance the future of the dental profession.

Dues: Find information related to your tripartite membership dues. As you consider membership in the MDA and tripartite, there may be dues waivers that provide discounts for certain types of membership.

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