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The MDA is pleased to announce another very successful session. The association’s continued success is made possible in no small part because of the continual and selfless work done by the many members of the MDA. We look forward to working with each of you as we work toward another successful session in 2015. As a reminder, all MODentPAC contributors receive a weekly legislative report during the legislative session and at specific times throughout the year and legislative developments occur.

The following is a list of bills approved by the General Assembly and await signature from Gov. Nixon unless otherwise noted.

House Bill 2011 - Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed — Funding Withheld 6/24/2014

Included in the state’s new operating budget is funding authorizing MO HealthNet to offer a dental benefit to all currently eligible qualified adult populations, for the first time since 2005.

Also included in House Bill 2011 is funding to increase the provider reimbursement rate for these codes from an average of 38.5 percent of the 50th percentile to 60 percent of the 50th percentile. The rate increase will be applicable to these specific codes, and these codes only, across all population types and all fee-for-service and managed care counties.

MO HealthNet considers provider reimbursements rate to be 100 percent funded when providers are paid at a rate equal to the 50th percentile. All other codes will still be paid at current Medicaid maximums.

Gov. Nixon now will consider the proposal and will have the final say whether underserved Missouri adults will be able to receive needed dental care through the Medicaid program this year.

For a complete listing of Medicaid Dental Codes that are included in the limited benefit, go to www.modental.org/medicaid.

Senate Bill 884 - Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed - Signed Into Law 6/23/2014

The 2014 legislative session was the first attempt by the MDA to address the silent leasing of provider networks. Senate Bill 884 requires insurance companies, leasing provider networks to another insurance company, to among other things:

  • Provide information to participating providers identifying the third party insurance company

  • Provide participating providers this information in writing, upon request or when entering a contract

  • Provide a regularly updated list available through a website or toll-free number

  • Identify the third party insurance company leasing the provider’s services on a patient’s insurance card

House Bill 2010 - Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed - Vetoed 6/24/14

The General Assembly once again approved $200,000 in general revenue to help fund the Elks mobile dental units. The MDA once again coordinated with the fraternal order of the Elks to secure this funding.

These mobile dental units serve the dental needs of eligible physically challenged children, and mentally challenged/developmentally disabled adults and children.

House Bill 2011 - Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed - Vetoed 6/24/14

House Bill 2011 contained the approved in 2013 authorizing the MO HealthNet Division to establish a two-year pilot project by which Rural Health Clinics shall be permitted to provide dental care to eligible children in rural communities through cooperative agreements with community dentists. This program received funding in the amount of $1.25 million.

House Concurrent Resolution 25 - Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed

HCR 25 recognizes the month of August as "Oral Health Awareness Month" and that good oral health is critical to good overall health. Concurrent resolutions proceed through the same legislative process as bills but are not in fact legislation. The governor only considers signature of resolutions that carry the full affect of law. HCR 25 does not carry the full affect of law and thus became effective upon the final passage of the resolution by the House of Representatives on May 13. The General Assembly has officially declared August “Oral Health Awareness Month”.


Multiple representatives introduced legislation inadvertently expanding MMAC’s powers beyond the governor’s executive order 12-2. The MDA joined with other provider groups to remove this language from all companion bills in the House and the Senate.

Several MDA member dentists have experienced firsthand the overzealous nature of this audit and compliance unit, charged with investigating Medicaid fraud. The MDA does not support any attempt by providers to perpetrate a fraud against the state, nor supports granting this unit additional authority which could potentially harm innocent providers.

Below is a list of MDA supported bills that where filed but failed to receive approval from the General Assembly.

  • Fluoridation - House Bill 1078 requires a public water system to notify the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and its customers at least 90 days prior to a vote to cease fluoridation.
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance Reform - This bill caps the amount a jury can award in a medical malpractice case. These awards are commonly referred to as “pain and suffering awards”.
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