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Here you will find information about the MDA legislative agenda as well as related topics and issues for the current session. The association’s continued success is made possible because of the continual and selfless work by the many members of the MDA. We look forward to working with each of you as we work toward another successful session. As a reminder, all MODentPAC contributors receive a weekly legislative report during the legislative session and at specific times throughout the year as legislative developments occur.

2015 Legislative Session Agenda

Missouri's legislature officially will convene January 7, 2015 and will adjourn on May 30. There will be two main areas your legislative team will be working on this coming session: Insurance Policy Reforms and Medicaid Funding. In addition to these areas, the MDA will work to defeat or alter any legislation or regulatory matter which is not in line with MDA stated policy.

Insurance Policy Reforms

  • Quality Rating System
    The MDA will continuously monitor any attempt to enact a Quality Rating System.

  • Require PPO Listing Updates
    The MDA will work with the appropriate agency(s) and/or seek legislation that mandates insurance companies to update their dentist provider list within 90 days of official notification of the provider's change of participation status and/or change of practice address and requires insurance companies to remove the provider's name after one year of billing inactivity.

  • Restore Medical Malpractice and Tort Award Caps
    The MDA will support legislation to restore medical malpractice and tort award caps.

Medicaid Funding

  • Continued Coverage for Developmentally Disabled (DD) and Pregnant Population
    The MDA will continue to support Medicaid dental coverage for the state's DD and pregnant population.

  • Increase Provider Reimbursement Rates
    The MDA will support legislation that would increase the rate at which the state reimburses Medicaid providers that provide dental services.

  • Restore Funding for Adult Dental Services The MDA will support legislation that would restore funding for adult Medicaid dental services.

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An election for each seat in the Missouri House is held every two years. A two-year election cycle has the potential to bring many new faces to the General Assembly; the MDA has a lot of people to get to know. If you have an existing relationship with a Representative or Senator (participate in a fundraiser, attend church together, knew each other in college or high school), please Join the Grassroots Network.

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