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From traditional classrooms and teachers, to Head Start, Parents as Teachers, Boys and Girls Clubs, and parents you'll find a variety of ideas and resources for teaching and learning about oral health.

An Overview

The more children know about the importance of oral health, the more likely they'll be to create habits to help keep their smiles shining. Following are resources for teachers and students.

Oral Health Curriculum

Smile Smarts!

  • The ADA created Smile Smarts!, an oral health curriculum for preschool through grade eight students. It offers flexible, modular lesson plans, support materials, hands-on classroom demonstrations, student activity sheets, and suggestions for further oral health activities. Free download.

Oral Health Education Curriculum

Mouth Wise

  • From the Florida Dental Association. The K-5 curriculum contains five modules: Meet Your Mouth, Let's Talk Teeth, The Plaque Attack, Tips for Terrific Teeth and A Trip to the Dentist's Office. The middle school curriculum contains four modules: Nutrition and Soda Consumption, Use of Mouthguards, Smokeless Tobacco and Oral Piercing. Free download.

Classroom Ideas & Resources

Dental Guest Speakers

  • Would you like to have a dentist come to speak to your class about oral health? We suggest asking your own dentist to be a guest, as most are more than willing to do so. If you need help finding an MDA member in your area, visit the Find a Dentist page.

Stop the Pop

  • Stop the Pop was created by the MDA to teach consumers about the importance of making good beverage choices, in relation to oral health and limited the intake of sugary drinks, especially soda.

Start Right

  • Start Right was created by the MDA to teach parents of infants and and toddlers about the importance of taking care of baby teeth and preventing early childhood cavities.


  • MouthPower is a program for scouts and other youth-serving organizations developed by the Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry. The program uses the Museum's expertise and resources to present an interactive educational experience resulting in a working knowledge of oral anatomy and an understanding of the effects of foods, oral hygiene habits, and cigarette and spit tobacco use on oral health. Kids can explore the history of dentistry and the story of their own teeth! They can create their own poster about healthy mouth habits and all participants can receive a participatory patch upon completion of the program.

ADA for Teachers

  • This teacher site provides information on presentations, classroom lesson plans, games and animations, bulletin boards, essays/writing tasks, hands-on activities and more.

Additional Online Resources

Student Resources

Dental Careers

  • Have you ever considered becoming a dental assistant or hygienist, or a dentist? Check of the Careers in Dentistry page.

ADA for Students

Science Projects

History of Dentistry

Topics for Teens

The following are topics that may be of interest to teenagers, as they relate to oral health, from the ADA site:

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