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Missouri Dental Association :: Missouri Dental Foundation

The MDA Foundation (MDAF) is the charitable not-for-profit partner of the Missouri Dental Association working to create better oral health for Missourians through educational programs, access-to-care initiatives and community collaborations. Created in 1977, it's vision is “Improving Missouri Smiles”. All donations to it are tax-deductible.

Contact Information

Paul Roberts, Foundation Manager
3340 American Ave, Jefferson City MO 65109

Give to the Foundation

All gifts to the MDA Foundation are tax deductible. Thank you on behalf of the many Missourians who benefit from MDA Foundation programs.


The following are some of the projects the MDA Foundation has developed, helps fund or assists in promoting.

I Heart Dental Charities Raffle

The MDA Foundation is pleased to report that the "I Heart Dental" Raffle, a new collaborative fundraiser this year with the Dental Well Being Foundation and Delta Dental Health Theater, grossed more than $12,000.

Winners included:
  • Ashley Rufkahr (One week at a private hilltop villa in St. John's)
  • Eduard Verch (Sportsman's Dream Package)
  • Dr. Rolfe McCoy (Border to Border Family Fun Pack
  • Dr. James Schmidt (Shop Til You Drop Shopping Extravaganza).

Special thanks to the event sponsors:
  • Platinum Underwriters: MDIS, Delta Dental of Missouri and Greater St. Louis Dental Society
  • Gold Medallion: James L. Schmidt, DDS and Associates, The Dental Anesthesia Center and University of Florida Health
  • Silver Medallion: Healthy Smiles of St. Louis, BWTP and Greater Kansas City Dental Society.

Children's Dental Health Month in February   

If you're a member dentist and want to visit a school/health fair to promote CDHM (or another event at a different time of year) the MDA can provide both a display and/or materials to help you. You can access a wealth of promotional information through the National Children's Dental Health Month website.

Dental Scholarships

The MDA Foundation Dental Scholarship Program is now open to receive applications.

Three $5,000 scholarships will be awarded for the 2015-2016 academic year. They are competitive and will be based upon leadership and achievement. The scholarship program is an initiative of the MDA Foundation in cooperation with the Missouri Dental Association and Missouri Dental Insurance Services (MDIS). Applications must be postmarked by March 6, 2015.

Any student desiring to apply for an MDAF Dental Scholarship must be a student member of the MDA. Click here to join the MDA as a student member. For more information on how to apply for available MDAF Dental Scholarships, visit our Dental Students Page.

2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients

Awarding dental scholarships to Missouri-based students has been a hallmark of the MDA Foundation for close to three decades. This year in an effort to provide substantial aid and encourage competition, the Foundation decided to award three students with $5,000 scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year. The change worked because we had 19 total applications from the two dental schools in Missouri. Choosing the top three from so many worthy candidates was difficult, but the board made these selections. Congratulations future dentists!

  • Corey Hastings, Troy/Buchannon High School, UMKC Class of 2016. Corey would like to enter a pediatric residency program and practice in a small town similar to his.
  • Albana Kallmi, St. Louis/Metro Academic & Classical High School, UMKC Class of 2015. Albana's long-term goal is to open a small, multi-lingual group practice in St. Louis.
  • Aaron Strange, Ironton/Arcadia Valley High School, UMKC Class of 2017. Following graduation, Aaron would like to return to Ironton to practice.

Missouri Mission of Mercy (MOMOM)

A large scale dental clinic designed to meet the oral health care needs of patients of all ages who cannot otherwise afford care. Learn more.

Points of Light

A program which strives to connect 1-year-old infants with a dental home by creating a collaborative community between pediatricians and family practitioners and pediatric or general dentists willing to perform oral examinations. Learn more.

MDA Foundation Grant

This essential grant program offers financial support to efforts that create better oral health for Missourians through educational programs, access-to-care initiatives and community collaborations. The MDA Foundation invites member dentists, or organizations you are involved with, to consider submitting a grant application for funding to support community oral health programs and initiatives.

Applications must be postmarked no later than February 15 or August 15. Grant announcements will be made within six weeks of each deadline.


In 2012, the Foundation began an endowment fund as a source of income to enhance the impact of the projects supported by the Foundation. The fund also serves as a resource to MDA members who wish to make specially designated gifts to the Foundation. Click here to read a brief description of the fund. Like all endowments, the principal is to remain intact in perpetuity. If you or your attorney or accountant wish to review the policies governing the setup of the MDAF Endowment or the spending policies for the endowment, please contact Denise Lehmen.

Foundation Board


Dr. M. Elwood Rice, Chair
Dr. David Neal, Vice Chair
Dr. Lynne Barbour, Secretary/Treasurer


Vicki Wilbers, MDA Executive Director (non-voting)
Dr. Merle Nunemaker, MDA Immediate Past President (voting)


Dr. Bryan Foote
Dr. Cheryl Haley
Dr. Darren Mahaffey
Mr. Al Martinez
Dr. Michael Patterson

Dr. Joel Pratt
Dr. Danielle Riordan
Dr. William Seaton
Mr. Ryan Swift
Greg Russell, MDIS Executive Vice President

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