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Trifold Brochure

The importance of oral health reaches far beyond your mouth. Research has shown links between gum disease and other significant health conditions. For example: Prenatal Care,
Heart Disease and Diabetes Management.

Includes Your Mouth by the Decades for Early Childhood, Kids and Teens, Adults, Older Adults. As you age, your health needs and risks change. The same is true with your mouth. At each stage of life there are important preventive maintenance guidelines to improve your oral health – which can improve your total health.

Measurement: 3-panel brochure folds down to 5.5" wide by 8.5" high. Quantity: 100 Brochures.

Need Fact Sheet holders? Brochureholders4u.com offers a variety of brochure holders we use and like for the campaign materials. Just click on a link below. MDA does not endorse brochureholders4u.com nor does it receive any incentive from; the link is provided as a resource only.

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