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Missouri Dental Association :: Missouri Dental Board

The Dental Board serves to protect the public by ensuring that only qualified persons are allowed to become licensed to practice dentistry, and to further ensure these licensed dental professionals practice in accordance with the rules and statutes of the Dental Practice Act.

The Dental Board, under the Missouri Division of Professional Registration, process applications, administer examinations, issue licenses and, when warranted, conducts investigations into possible professional misconduct and may impose disciplinary actions against the dental license. Contact the Dental Board to request the requirements and an application for a license to practice dentistry in Missouri. Licenses are renewed every 2 years. The Dental Board also issues permits for sedation and Expanded Functions. See all Dental Board Applications.

Contact Information

Missouri Dental Board
3605 Missouri Blvd, PO Box 1335
Jefferson City MO 65102
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Board Makeup

The Dental Board consists of four dentists, one dental hygienist and one public member (see listing following). The term of office for all members is five years. The Board meets on a quarterly basis throughout the year and at other times as necessary.

Statutes & Rules

The Dental Practice Act is comprised of Rules & Statutes that govern the practice of dentistry in Missouri. As a member benefit a table of contents of subjects is available via the previous link.

Statutes are a compilation of all laws presently in effect, prepared in volumes by the Division of Legislative Research. They are subject to change annually by the Missouri General Assembly, through concurrence of both the House and Senate and the signature of the Governor.

Rules are operating principles or orders created by a department, division or office of the state (Dental Board), under authority granted by the legislature. These rules are developed in order to implement programs and statutes enacted by the General Assembly.

The MDA actively participates in both the legislative and rule-making processes. Involvement in both is critical to maintaining the integrity of the profession and protecting the public.

Missouri Revised Statutes: Chapter 332 Dentists

Missouri Dental Board Rules: Division 2110


The Dental Board meets on a quarterly basis throughout the year and at other times as necessary; meetings are held throughout the state. The "Open Session" of the Dental Board meetings are open to the public, and licensees can receive 2 CEU for each open session meeting they attend. The following dates are subject to change; contact the Dental Board for open session date confirmation.

2014 Dental Board Meeting Dates (Open Session)

  • January 16-17
  • April 24-25
  • July 24-25

Serving on the Dental Board

Learn about Serving on the Dental Board

Every October, the term of one or more of the dentists members of the Dental Board expires. The Board member in this position continues to serve until the person is either replaced or reappointed.

When there is a vacancy, the MDA is required by Missouri Statute to submit a list of five dentists qualified and willing to fill the vacancy. The MDA Board has a standing committee that reviews the credentials of members desiring appointment to the Dental Board and interviews each candidate. 

  • The deadline for submission of nominees to the MDA office is March.
  • An updated biographical statement or curriculum vitae is required for each candidate at time of submission to the MDA and will be forwarded to the Governor should the candidate be selected for consideration by the Board.
  • The standing committee will submit its recommendations to the MDA Board of Trustees at their April meeting.
  • The Board must forward its recommendations to the Governor by July 1.
  • If you are interested in serving on the Missouri Dental Board contact Margie Kunze at the MDA.
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