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Connecting the MDA to Component Leaders

This page has been created to help MDA have better communication with its component society executive offices and members in leadership positions. Here you will find various resources to help you with planning efforts and your "to-do" lists, and as well, to help you better relay news and information from the MDA to other members in your component. 

If you have questions about any resources on this page, or would like for something to be added to or updated, contact Margie Kunze, Governance Manager. Click on a link below to go to that area of the page.

Upcoming Deadlines

Please visit this section of the webpage often, as it will be continually updated with the deadlines for information to be submitted to the MDA by the component societies. Below is a list of all the upcoming deadlines for 2015. Please remember to add the following to your component society meeting agendas. A brief explanation of the information requested can be found under Your Duties & Responsibilities.

Component Installation Calendar

The MDA President (or President-Elect) and MDA staff representatives make every effort to attend all component society officer installation meetings. We feel it is essential to attend these important meetings and take the time to communicate directly with our members. In order to do so, it's important we have your meeting dates well in advance to plan our schedules accordingly. We ask you review the below Component Installation Calendar and email Margie Kunze as soon as meeting details are available.

Also, make sure we have your component meetings listed on the MDA Calendar of Events. If you don't see it, send the date and details to Margie Kunze to have it added.

Your Duties & Responsibilities

The Component Leaders Email Listserve is used to disseminate information to all component officers, executive directors and members of the MDA Board of Trustees. Through this listserve we will provide you with information to help you in your role as a Component Leader and request information from you throughout the year.

Requests for Information

  • This document outlines some of the information that will be requested from components on an annual basis, along with a brief explanation of why you're being asked for the information.
  • Please note the month the notices are usually sent and the month information is due into our office, as this may help in agenda planning for component society meetings.

ADA Delegate/Alternate Delegate Rotation

  • The breakdown of the number of delegate representatives for each component.

Membership Information

Membership Information Guide

  • There are various duties of a component related to membership, including setting their membership dues and notifying the MDA. Look to this resource to help you learn more about prepaid dues, new members and member recognition, dues categories and waivers and more.
  • 2015 Dues Structure

Membership Page Online

Membership Report

  • Each month we'll update the Membership Report, which is a summary of new and deceased members and non-renews. The most important thing you can do when you review this report is to make contact!
  • We ask both the MDA Trustees and Component staff/leadership to contact each new member in your component and invite them to your local component meetings. Each non-renews also needs to be contacted to see if there has been an error in their non-renewal or to discuss the importance of organized dentistry.

Component Assistance Program

Need some help getting the word out about your meeting or a request from the MDA? We can help. The MDA Component Assistance Program helps non-staffed component leaders better communicate with members and publicize meetings and events.

We've done newsletters, CE cards, meeting postcards and registration and basic letters. We do the design, layout and mailing, you just provide us the information and remit payment when the project is complete. For questions or to request work on a project, contact Mandy Lewis.

If you do not wish to use the component assistance program, but need to send your component members a letter or notice for a CE meeting, or need a list of members, you may submit a Labels & List Request. For more information, contact Mandy Lewis.

Component Resources

The following resources we have compiled to help you with your role as a component leader. The format provides you with the most up-to-date information in one easy to find location.

Component & Volunteer Directory

  • Use this to find contact information for Trustees, Component Officers, MDA and MDIS staff, Board and House Committees, MODentPAC and Foundation and more. If you see info that needs changing or updating, let us know! Excel format also available.

Tripartite Organization | Staff Organizational Chart

  • Not sure how things flow from the ADA, MDA and then down to your component? These charts will help you see the structure of the Tripartite system and as well, who MDA staff are and how responsibilities and project areas are divided.

Sixth District

  • The ADA constituent societies are organized into 17 trustee districts; each district elects a board member to serve on the ADA Board of Trustees. Missouri is in the Sixth District along with Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia. The trustee position rotates through these four states. Every 12 years Missouri elects a dentist to serve on the American Dental Association Board of Trustees. Learn more about MDA representation through its member delegates to the ADA House of Delegates.

MDA Governance

  • The MDA is governed under a modified Policy Governance structure. The MDA Board sets policies for themselves and the Executive Director in order to provide an efficient system of governance that consistently strives to be proactive for the future of the dental association. The Board also sets ENDS policies which provide statements of direction for which executive director and staff are always strategizing to achieve. Policy Governance ensures accountability of the executive director to the Board; in turn the Board is responsible to the owners (Association members). Learn more about the MDA governance in this document.

CERP Extended Approval Process

  • The ADA offers a Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) extended approval process (EAP). The program allows state dental associations that are CERP providers to extend CERP recognition to eligible component societies. There are several MDA components who take part in this approval program each year, which allows them to be recognized ADA CERP providers through the MDA. Each year, MDA staff contact components to inquire if they wish to continue being CERP providers, due to paperwork needing completing.

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